7 Sep 2011

Bluewater Magazine, Issue 87 now available


Clarion island – where the wild things roam
Capt Josh Temple takes us aboard an 80-foot custom gameboat for an adventurous journey to the realm of the biggest yellowfin tuna on the planet. Fishing stand-up tackle for tuna to well over 300lb, they soon find themselves immersed in a fish frenzy with tuna, wahoo, billfish and more stretching the anglers until they cry for mercy. On the morning of their final day, two anglers had still to catch a yellowfin of more than 300lb. With just hours to go, will they find the fish of their dreams? Will they crumble under the pressure of a battle to the death? The answers are as exciting as these amazing tuna!

Southern playground
South Australia abounds with yellowtail kingfish and samson fish in backbreaking sizes, plus bluefin tuna and enormous white sharks.

they call the shots: Capt Bonze Fleet

This talented New Zealand skipper has quite a reputation as a marlin captain and also as a lure maker.

cairns’ giant blacks: Cairns has evolved over the past 40 years, but one thing remains the same: it is still the best place in the world to catch 1000lb marlin!

creatures of the deep: Pilotfish
These fascinating members of the trevally family seem to have an unusual arrangement with sharks.
Rainbow runner and bluefin trevally
Dr Julian Pepperell reveals the interesting life story of these beautifully coloured gamefish.

lure lore
Part 5 – Trolling patterns

Planning your lure spread delivers more consistent results. Jim Rizzuto outlines the techniques of the pros.

smoke and mirrors
Bonze Lures – Angel

This quality, versatile, tube-style lure creates an enormous rooster tail that is sure to attract attention.

classic tomes
The mystery of Swordfish Reef

A 1930s murder mystery set amid the real characters of the world-class Bermagui gamefishing fleet.


Ocean Conquest
Boston Whaler 345 Conquest

This fast and agile 34-footer is surprisingly economical while being squirted along by three big Mercury Verado outboards. Considering the built-in safety of these ‘unsinkable’ boats, they’re a great choice for offshore gamefishing.

One Man’s Boat
James McGinty’s Alcatraz

Using a Haines Hunter Formula 233 as a base, this angler transforms an
old boat into a gamefishing weapon.

The Way Of The Future?
Beluga propulsion and steering

David Pleysier’s radical new system promises greatly reduced costs while maintaining manoeuvrability.