20 Nov 2009

First Pre-Season look with the GT poppers

Well the windy winter season is almost over and soon ideal conditions will prevail for the popper casting and jigging fans. We just had our first look with the poppers along Kadavu Island's Great Astrolabe Barrier reef and the signs look good for some monster GTs this coming summer.

Tony with a nice GT pushing 40kg

Although the weather was still a bit breezy our angler Tony managed some pretty good fish, the best of which would have weighed about 40kg has we not released. (we release all GTs)

Tony with a nice GT over 35kg on a prototype Buffalo popper

Plenty of fish around to 15-20kg range

Deckie Joe also had a few casts with one of our Shimano GT Specials releasing his new personal best fish over 30kg on another prototype Buffalo popper.

We will be testing these new design poppers for the manufacturer over the coming months and so far they are performing excellently. More on that later...

8 Nov 2009

Big Fish!

4 Nov 2009

New GT Popping Boat for Matava in Kadavu Fiji