29 Jan 2011

Early January Gamefishing

Alex, Warren & Tony landed a tripple hook-up on yellowfin

Some pics from early January when Sam and Dave came back for another visit with friends Brendan and Alex. Also along for the trip were Sam's father Tony and Alex's father Warren.
We split the gang up in Bite Me and Tease Me every day with Bite Me focusing more on general trolling and Tease Me popping. Pretty ordinary weather stopped us getting to the seamount but we manages dome decent fish and had plenty of fun.

Some days we met up for lunch and a bit of bragging

Longnose Emperor

Dave with a nice Narrow Barred Mackerel

Malabar Grouper caught jigging the outer reef slopes

Bluefin Trevally

Brendan landed this nice GT on a new prototype Buffalo Stickbait

Joe cruising Tease Me between his favourite GT popper spots

This Halco Haymaker was irrisistible to the big Barracudas

28 Jan 2011

Popping and Jigging for Yellowfin Tuna

Acres of boiling tuna all around Bite Me

Scott, Tim and Jim on a trip out to the Kadavu Seamount aboard Bite Me. Clear skies, glassy seas, Yellowfin and skipjack tuna boiling everywhere !
The boys didn't know whether to drop a jig, throw a popper or stickbait or just jump in and grab fish !

Tim gets a stickbait smashed

Fortunately everybody quickly changed their minds about a swim when the first sharks were spotted circling the boat.....
A Whaler shark follows a stickbait right to the transom

This little shark was just waiting to pounce

With small tuna to 10kg boiling all around us Scott made the mistake of dropping a jig on a light tackle outfit.....and promptly nearly got pulled overboard as 300m of braid screamed off his small Stella.

Scott in trouble with a 40kg+ Yellowfin on a light tackle outfit

Tim loaded up on his lighter gear

Landing a 20kg Yellowfin - A lot of fun on light tackle casting gear !

Jim jigs up an Almaco Jack

We release a couple of small dogtooth tuna

Scott fights a 20kg+ Yellowfin hooked on a popper

Scott's Orion Cono Cono popper tempted this nice Yellowfin

27 Jan 2011

GT Popping Season Update

Bite Me Newbie Jim starts with a nice yellowfin tuna

Scott and Tim stayed here at Matava Eco-Adventure Resort last year and landed some monster dogtooth tuna aboard Bite Me but this time round they brought Jim...who missed the trip last year.
Jim had heard all the stories and was keen to get in on the action this time around..

Jim's first Kadavu GT....Pretty good start !

Red Bass too

Tim warms up

Scott's best GT of the trip

Another GT destined to be released aboard Bite Me

Groupers like this Brown Marbled Grouper love poppers !

Tim retrieves his Craftbait after losing a Barracuda encounter

The weather was a bit 'interesting' for a day or two

Even a funnel cloud to keep us on our toes

Didn't bother the GTs though...

A bit of cleaning up for deckie Joeli

24 Jan 2011

Viagem para Fiji, Matava Resort ( 1ª Parte )

Welcome to Paradise! -Review of Matava - TripAdvisor

We researched the Matava resort extensively and communicated with the staff many times before our trip. They were always happy to answer any questions. It made our decision easier to come to Kadavu.

Our Fiji trip felt like a dream. There is so many things to do around the resort. Perfect for a couple to experience in such a beautiful destination. We came to Fiji interested in doing some Fishing, Trekking, and snorkeling during our stay. Every activity was amazing. We stayed in the Honeymoon Bure during our vacation and it was quite comfortable and had the most amazing views. The dining options were steller too. Lots of dishes with different touches of different cultures. I also became fond of the coconut ice cream and fresh Pinapple. The staff was was very welcoming it all started with Maggie. He was very helpful in so many aspects.

When we did our Trek, Sami was our tour guide and he also did a spectacular job. He brought us to a few waterfalls and guided us through a few local villages. All along the way we had incredible views and took a ton of great pictures.

We also did a day on a remote island. Maggie dropped us of on a beautiful remote island after starting a fire for us to cook food on from the resort. We spent the day relaxing, snorkeling, and trekking around the island while taking photos.

Sunrise from Matava Resort
Sunrise from Matava Resort
From Review: Welcome to Paradise! on Jan 2011, (fishmandsig)

We did 4 days fishing and that went great as well. I brought my own Jigging and Popping tackle as this is a hobby of mine. Adrian recommended several Poppers and Stickbaits in which I brought too. We were really impressed with how Adrian and Joe worked together to make sure you have the best experience possible. Fishing with Joe was also a blast. He is absolutely hilarious! These guys really work well together. We ended up catching Giant Trevally up to about 35kg, Dogtooth Tuna, Bluefin Trevally, and Redbass. The conditions weren't perfect weather wise for fishing but we were certainly happy with the action. One day I was able to boat 11 GT's, Bluefin Trevally, and some Redbass. That's certainly not a bad day fishing anywhere! Adrian tells me it can get even better!

I strongly recommend Matava to anyone that wants to experience Fiji away from the bigger cities and see more of the remote beautiful areas that Fiji is known for. We are already thinking of another trip back!

Welcome to Paradise! - Review of Matava - Fiji's Premier Eco Adventure Resort, Kadavu Island, Fiji - TripAdvisor

15 Jan 2011

New Fiji National Record - Pacific Mermaid

It was a day to remember for angler Greg Holt
Here at Matava Eco-Adventure Resort broadcasting his SCUBA Radio Show he got more than he bargained for one day out trolling the heavy tackle for blue marlin aboard Bite Me.

Deckie Joeli takes great care with this catch !

Weighmaster Richard ensures a proper weigh-in

Greg stands with his lure, tackle and trophy Pacific Mermaid

Pending line testing by FIGFA, A new Fiji Islands National Record for M-60 Pacific Mermaid

Oooh you lucky blighter !

Kadavu GTs and Doggies Report

Derek & Danielle spent their NYE vacation with us at Matava Eco-Adventure Resort. Aside from some beach picnics, snorkeling and adventure stuff, Derek wanted to have a go at the legendary GTs and Dogtooth Tuna found here. Two new species for Derek to add to his comprehansive list...

Derek is soon loaded up !

That's a beauty Derek !

With some decent weather Bite Me was able to access some of the best popping and deepwater jigging spots. A big NYE party and Jan 1st lay day just meant a much needed rest before fishing resumed.

We Tagged this fish before release

Danielle gets in on the action

and releases her first GT

Derek's first Doggie

Loading up on Doggie #2

Another nice Doggie.....Hope you guys had fun !