26 Feb 2007

IGFA Anglers Digest & Wild TV coming to Matava

We have a film crew coming out in June 2007.

They are from IGFA Anglers Digest - Make fishing TV programmes and want to film a couple of shows on Bite Me. They have close links with the IGFA and their shows are broadcast on the Sportsman Channel in the USA and Wild TV in Canada.

They have an interesting website and a good story on it about the recent capture of a giant squid.

IGFA Anglers Digest

14 Feb 2007

Netting Ban in South Australia (GFAA)


For a decade the South Australian Fishery Advisory Council has been ringing the alarm bells on the declining stocks of marine scale-fish stocks in local waters.

During this period...

Graham Woollard (SAGFA Executive Officer) is Chairman of SARFAC and State President, Ian Guest, is also on the SARFAC Board.

After ten years of knocking on doors, making numerous submissions to Fishery Management Committees and Ministers (we had 5 Ministers of Fisheries and 3 Fishery Directors during this period) SARFAC took off the gloves late last year and increased the tempo of their efforts.

During the past six months activity has been intense with many letters being sent to the Premier, the Minister and his Cabinet Colleagues. There has been an orchestrated campaign of letter writing to the media, a petition circulated which collected over 16,000 signatures, a Bill introduced in the Upper House by the Democrats to ban the nets in Gulf of St Vincent and many television, radio and newspaper interviews. Hundreds of letters from angry shack-owners and recreational anglers were also sent to parliamentarians from all sides of the house.

Our strategy was to take the moral high ground and use the media to swing public support behind the campaign. It was the right strategy and it worked brilliantly.

Read the whole article and more...

13 Feb 2007

Matava assistance invaluable to Palmfishing Oz

The team at the Matava Resort in Fiji, is invaluable to the development of a quality lure. They are indeed a lucky group and what they call work, we call leisure, (No offence intended). Adrian's knowledge is keenly sought by Palmfishing and Lurestreet, we know how valuable his Field Tests are.Adrian and his team, aboard 'Bite Me' have tested many Lurestreet Lures included our small, but very effective range of Game lures. as well as several lures from our hard plastic range. Such lures as the Raptor 200SS, Raptor 150SS, Deceiver 225, Mother In Law (Popper), Clay's GT Special, (Popper), Classic Wood 230, Classic Wood 230/75, DEEP L Super Popper 160 (Sinking Popper), this is just a few.

Read this full test article by Palmfishing & Outdoors here...

Fiji National Records for Yellowfin Tuna

Adrian Watt of Matava Resort in Fiji keeps on getting his clients records.

This time the lucky anglers were able to take the Fiji National Records for the Male 4kg and Womens 6 and 8kg line class for Yellowfin Tuna. Now whilst the fish were not huge - they still proved why there are a sporting and 'game ' fish - on light tackle.

All should be proud of these achievements.

Matava Resort owns and operates the Deep V 310 "Bite Me" from their world class fishing and diving facillities.

More information...

Blue Day for Fiji!

The good ship 'Bite Me' a Deep V 310 owned and operated by the Matava Resort Crew on the beautiful island of Kadavu managed to catch a nice 400lb plus Blue Marlin recently on what could be called a calm day.

The fish is the first Blue Marlin for the year for the resort, a year which we are sure will see many more great Marlin catches for Capt Adrian Watt ( who is also an IGFA accredited skipper and weighmaster ) , his number one deckie Joe and the Deep V 310 'Bite Me'.

See the article on Deep-V Website...

Bluewater Magazine Feature

After several successful BlueWater Readers' Trips in the past, the pressure was on to maintain the high level of professionalism, and of course, to catch plenty of fish during our latest trip to the Island of Kadavu in southern Fiji.

Finding locations to conduct successful BlueWater Readers' Trips is not as easy as it sounds. We always make sure we fish the area and check out boats and accommodation before we offer a package trip to our readers.
One visit to Matava Resort made our choice of accommodation an easy one. This small but idyllic resort with its picture postcard setting was the perfect location to base a trip.

And so it was. July 2005 saw us back to Fiji with eight BlueWater trippers and two partners in tow. The lucky people who joined us on this occasion were Matthew O'Neil from Victoria, Shane Coles, Brett Graham, Brett Riley, Shaun Johnstone and Dean Baudendistel from New South Wales, and Mark Winter and Bruce Nolan from the Northern Territory. Shane was accompanied by his partner Jewel Penaflor and Brett brought his fiancée Rebecca Waters.

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Species Seasons

Black Marlin Jul – Nov
Blue Marlin Mar – Aug
Striped Marlin Jun – Aug
Sailfish All Year Round

Wahoo May – Sep
Yellow Fin Tuna Apr – Aug
Dog Tooth Tuna Jun – Oct
Mahi Mahi All Year Round
Spanish mackerel Oct – Mar
Giant Trevally Oct – Mar
Barracuda Oct – Mar

Although billfish have seasons, the waters around Kadavu Island are so oceanic that billfish are caught year round.