31 May 2010

Fiji Great Barracuda Record Falls

A new Great Barracuda Fiji Islands M-06 Line Class National Record has just been set by Zane Southwick who landed an 8.50kg (18.7lbs) fish on 6kg line class.

Zane fighting the fish from the beach

The Barracuda fell to a cast metal slug rigged on a mono leader. Well done Zane....Pretty good catch on light tackle for a big fish with a mouth full of razor sharp teeth !

29 May 2010

This Week's Tally

The GT bite has been a bit quiet this past week. Bill and Marc visiting from Australia had to work hard for their fish. Not quite sure why, perhaps the run up to the full moon yesterday had something to do with it although most people think that's a good time to popper !
The fish were there... they just demanded a bit of extra effort from anglers.
Thanks for the pics guys !

Bill with his new Personal Best GT of around 30kg

Small doggies on jigs

Fair few Yellowfin around but mostly schoolies

The ever present Red Bass are always a bit of fun

Marc aboard Tease Me with a respectable GT taken on a Halco Haymaker

12 May 2010

Latest Popping & Jigging Pics

Just before I zoomed off to the main island to haul-out and do my Marine Survey I had Brendan and Justin over from Australia for a few days popping and jigging. Both were new to the popping dark arts but they armed themselves with the right gear and put the effort in to get some nice fish.

Brendan brought one of the new FCL Panic Trout lures and tried it out on a spot we call 'Double Trouble'. On the third cast it got smashed by a very big mackerel. After a brief struggle the mackerel bit through the leader and we thought it and the lure were gone....luckily a minute later up poped the lure....smashed to pieces and with a big Owner Jobu hook snapped.... That was one BIG mackerel.

That's one very Panicked Trout

Justin with a nice GT

A tastey Mackerel on a silver Cubera 150

Brendan's best GT around 30kg

Black trevally on a jig

A chunky green jobfish for Justin

Brendan gets ready to cast at a school of boiling yellowfin tuna

Joe had a cast and took this nice fish on a popper

11 May 2010

Bite Me gets her Bottom Checked

Its that time of year again when I spend at least a week in Suva hauled out on the slipway and doing annual maintenance on Bite Me. Also on the list - my Fiji Islands Maritime Safety Authority (FIMSA) Marine Survey...Out of water...and in-water...
Just to give you some idea of what I have to cram into 5 working days...

Drive Bite Me to Suva
Haul-out on a slipway
Bring in FIMSA Marine Inspector and agree a defects list
Remove Stb'd engine turbocharger for service
High pressure hose blast the hull / running gear and sand down the old anti-foul
2 new coats of anti-foul
Inspect and clean all underwater inlets and outlets
Drop Rudders, clean, inspect, grease and re-install
Remove Port prop and have it balanced and re-installed
Buff and polish both props
Clean, inspect and measure both shaft bearings (Clearance report for FIMSA)
Open up Shaft seal housings, clean shafts, install new shaft seals
Repair autopilot rudder indicator connection
Underwater Report for FIMSA
Bring in FIMSA MArine Inspector to sign off on completed Defects List
Un-slip Bite Me and tow round to Suva Yacht Club for further maintenance work and in-water FIMSA Survey (Engineering / Deck Safety / Life Saving Apparatus / Fire Fighting Apparatus)

And that's just the out-of-water bit....
Other fun things for me to cram in after getting back in the water...
Chance engine oil in both engines
Change gearbox oil
Change oil blow-by filters
Change main and pre-fuel filters
Re-install serviced Stbd turbo and sea-trial
Repair Bimini
Get the Liferaft serviced
Pull and clean raw water intake strainers
FIMSA in-water sea trial and survey
Scrub all the engineers oily fingerprints off everything....

Oh, and get our 2,000lb scales re-certified for another year...and renew my Boatmaster license...and get a haircut........and get home....in time for the next fishing charter...

Don't kid yourself that the life of a gamefishing charterboat skipper is a glamorous one !

A slipway for Bite Me on the left hand side. In the middle a longliner and on the right the world famous Naia liveaboard dive ship.

The work begins...

Bite Me is dwarfed by the hanger usually used for much larger ships


And after...