17 Nov 2010

Early GT Popping Season Results

Le makes do with just the bare essentials.....

Regular GT Popping angler Le from Australia came out last week with his wife Catherine and baby Tang for a few days of R&R and a very early pre-season look with the poppers on heavy tackle aboard Tease Me.

Not long before Le is into the GTs

Mas hauls in a nice GT for Le

Catherine demonstrates that the whole thing is really quite easy (What's all the fuss about ?)

Pretty good first GT

Le on Bite Me one day hooked into a good fish but unfortunately the hooks pulled out in the deep water. We were mostly trolling that day but Le did land a PB Barracuda on the popper.

On the last day the weather cooperated and Le and Joe headed out on Tease Me to some new virgin reefs. Le named this reef Stella Reef.

Le's new PE12 Ripplefisher loads up on a nice GT

GTs coming thick and fast

Stella Reef produces some great fish

Le's best fish of the day measured 45' Short Length and 36' Girth so estimated to be around 32-34kg. On that last day Le landed 14GTs, a new boat record for a single angler.