30 Mar 2008

Another Fiji National Record on Bite Me!

Angler: Magdeline Ko
Species: Giant Trevally
Weight: 9.4kg
Place: Kadavu
Boat: Bite Me
Lure: Mother-in-Law popper from PalmFishing

Skipper: Capt Adrian Watts
Deckie: Glen Gardner

Well done Magdeline!

23 Mar 2008

Matava - Kadavu Enchants a World-Weary Fisherman

Matava - Kadavu Enchants a World-Weary Fisherman
By Bill Boyce

fishing locations eventually has what I like to call,'The Century 21 Moment.' You finally find one of those places that you barely dreamed could exist: one full of insane adventures, gorgeous blue water and friendly locals eager to share their little slice of heaven. When you leave, you vow to return as soon as you can possibly make the trip.

But when you do make that much-anticipated pilgrimage back to paradise, the first thing you see as your vehicle leaves the airport is a gold, Century 21 sign. That's the moment you know that your paradise is lost.

Marlin Magazine Nov 2007, Fiji Article

You know the scenario; we fishy types in our baggy shorts and tournament T-shirts are soon outnumbered by the dreaded “shirt and tie on the beach' look. Or worse yet, the large, pale fellow clad in Bermuda shorts, white socks, black polished wing tips and a big, obnoxious woven hat with MEXICO stitched across the front. All of these telltale signs scream out that your 'secret is a little less secret and to be the hottest new time-share destination”.

Thankfully for those of us who like to get off the beaten a bit, you can still find places on earth that haven't"

Read full article here: Matava - Kadavu Enchants a World-Weary Fisherman

10 Mar 2008

Cam Jr. and Kadavu Fiji Wahoo!