30 Oct 2007

YouTube - Wahoo Fishing - Skying, Jumping Wahoo Kadavu Fiji

YouTube - Wahoo Fishing - Skying, Jumping Wahoo Kadavu Fiji:

About This Video IGFA Angler's Digest goes fishing for wahoo wit... IGFA Angler's Digest goes fishing for wahoo with Capt. Adrian Watts out of Matava Resort, Fiji aboard the Bite Me. Rare footage of skying and jumping wahoo. For more fishing videos, visit http://www.igfaanglersdigest.com

29 Oct 2007

Fiji forums: Fiji <3 - TripAdvisor

Fiji forums: Fiji <3>

"If you are up for a bit of adventure, head to Kadavu Island.

It's got to be one of the most ruggedly magnificent islands in the archipelago. There you can visit waterfalls, kayak, see authentic Fiji at it's best.

I highly recommend Matava Resort, which is Fiji's leading Adventure resort.

They do it all. It's great for mid range travelers, the owners are fabulous, food is great, guests are fun."

Fiji forums: Fiji <3>

Great Wahoo Fishing Video on YouTube!

We have just started to tinker with video here at Matava and on Bite Me. A new wide angle lens and polarising filter on its way from USA and we will start posting some of these soon!

27 Oct 2007

A new fishing news and info site

Fishing Pictures

Fishing pictures, news, free user blogs and diaries, discussion forum and lure reviews.


20 Oct 2007

Fiji forums: Anybody ever been to Kadavu? - TripAdvisor

Fiji forums: Anybody ever been to Kadavu? - TripAdvisor

"i have written many notes on Kadavu, check out the Kadavu posts. We stayed at Matava...unbelievable...

There was a family just before us and the little girl, while visting the village, wanted to go to school. Each day, the school children would walk from the village and get the girl, returning her each day. The place is magical. If you need any more assistance, let me know.

Google Matava.com and talk with Jeanie, Please tell her that Carla and PEter from Idaho sent you.

You won't forget this place. Food is wonderful, the place is an organic farm. enjjoy"

Fiji forums: Anybody ever been to Kadavu? - TripAdvisor

19 Oct 2007

Welcome to "casualangler.com"

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Hi John,
Not too bad but the wahoo bite has just started in ernest and the sailfish packs are starting to show now so all the fishing for the next few months will be light tackle for those guys.

Just spent a week fishing 8lb line class with Tim Simpson (BlueWater magazine) on Bite Me for wahoo & sails which can be a bit risky round these parts what with all the yellowfin. Fought one yellowfin for 4 hours and 5 minutes and we were just beginning to win when the Shimano TLD reel exploded under the line crush strain. Blew the ratchet clean out of the boat and the spool imploded.

Lost a possible world record sailfish after a 5+ hour fight. We were still fighting after dark and the deck lights attracted squid...which attracted a pod of dolphins...which bumped into the line and bust us off.

Took some Fiji National Records though so all not on vain.

Got IGFA Anglers Digest coming in a week or two to film some shows for the Sportsman Channel and the big Fiji tournament coming up so the next few months should be a lot of fun !
Best regards,
Cpt Adrian Watt
Director, Matava Resort Gamefishing,
Tel: + (679) 3336 222 or 3336 098

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I am doing a bit of redesign and will have you back up by tomorrow morning or sooner. I hope you like the new look and feel I have been working on.
How has the fishing been in the islands?
John Kessler
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I looke at the website and couldn't find anything ?
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I added you site to my featured sponsors. Take a look and see if you are OK with what I did www.casualangler.com
John Kessler

16 Oct 2007

Fiji forums: Head about to explode girl who is going to fiji next week - TripAdvisor

Fiji forums: Head about to explode girl who is going to fiji next week - TripAdvisor

"-Kadavu Island. Great island! Rugged, untamed, adventurous. Matava is wonderful - they have a dorm, also a private bure with shared bathroom facilities for a great price.

They have the best on site owners/managers, wonderful staff, the most awesome food, and they'll take you gamefishing, snorkeling, kayaking, picnicing.

It's not a real backpacker type place, so that might fit the bill for you.

They don't have a white sand beach, but if you paddle a few meters away, there's a private island with a great beach and they'll pack you a lunch you can take with you.


Fiji forums: Head about to explode girl who is going to fiji next week - TripAdvisor

14 Oct 2007

I Fish; Therefore, I Am

I Fish; Therefore, I Am: And Other Observations by Patrick F. McManus This book is a compilation of three other McManus books: "A Fine and Pleasant Misery," "Never Sniff a Gift Fish," and "They Shoot Canoes, Don't They?" It is not the same volume as the two-cassette release by the same name.

The cassette edition by this name is a compilation of only a few Pat stories. Dedicated McManus readers may already have the three volumes contained in this book. It is, however, a great gift, and nice for those who haven't yet purchased the earlier books that make it up.

10 Oct 2007

National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) Goes to Online Billfish Reporting

Effective October 17 of this year, anglers should report non-tournament landings of Atlantic marlins, sailfish and swordfish to the NMFS online through the new web-based reporting system at http://www.hmspermits.gov.

To log on and report a swordfish or billfish landing anglers will to have their Highly Migratory Species (HMS) Angling or Charter/Headboat permit number handy, along with their trip date, catch and fishing gear information. A confirmation number will be provided after a successful complete report. Tournament landings information will continue to be provided to the NMFS by tournament directors. While switching to online reporting as the primary portal, the agency will continue to man the toll free phone number currently in use.

TBF reminds all billfish anglers that timely and accurate reporting of landings is a vital element of fisheries conservation and management.

7 Oct 2007

Saltwater Fishing Report – September / October 2007

For the waters around Kadavu Island- Fiji Islands – South Pacific.
Charter Operator – Matava Resort Gamefishing
Boat Names – Bite Me (Offshore) and Offensive Tackle (Inshore)
Average Water Temp – 25.0
Average Sea State – 70% Wind chop to 4ft, groundswell to 6ft / 30% calm
Average Winds – 70% Breezy to 20kts ESE / 30% light Northerly
Water Clarity – Variable inshore, good offshore

Spring is in the air but the wahoo and sails continue their airborne displays. With the late season start, Fiji should continue to enjoy a good wahoo bite right through to October. The big sails are stillbeing found along the reef but usually just in twos and threes. It has been a variable winter, warmer than normal with some unusual weather patterns interrupting the typical trade winds.
In winter, the outer barrier reef slopes are often inaccessible but these weeks of calm winter days have given anglers unlimited access to the big GTs that hang out in the breakers. This has resulted in a red hot GT bite. Kadavu island’s Great Astrolabe barrier reef is producing large numbers of mid sized fish with frequent fish to 70lbs and the occasional rod snapping monster getting the best of astonished anglers. Even the narrow barred mackerel are getting into the action with many good sized fish caught on poppers right in close to the reef.

Nevertheless, with the calm summer season rapidly approaching, the sails will move on and the wahoo move out wide so thoughts are now turning to the heavier tackle. Divers from the resort have been checked out by big black marlin on several occasions as the blacks migrate past Kadavu island.

With large schools of Skipjack and Yellowfin tuna scattered all along the barrier reef, the bent butt 80s and Moldcraft wide ranges are getting dusted off and serviced as attention starts to switch to the blue marlin grounds and the coming run of big cow Yellowfin in November / December.

Blue marlin – Lots of small to mid sized fish with the occasional 600+ pounder
Sailfish – Still here with double hook-ups common. Average size 80-90lbs
Wahoo – Big packs still being found though starting to thin out now.
Yellowfin - Here in good numbers but can be patchy as schools move through
Mackerel – Plenty of small ones inshore, some very nice fish hitting ballyhoo rigs outside the reef.
Mahi Mahi – Yes, lots to 20lbs and some bigger bulls to 50lbs around
GTs – Red hot bite at the moment but the weather sometimes limits access to the best places.

Cpt Adrian Watt
Director, Matava Resort Gamefishing,
Tel: + (679) 3337 222 or 3336 098

1 Oct 2007

Sport Fishing Fiji Video - From Matava Resort, Kadavu Island - Wahoo, Sailfish and Spanish Mackerel with Capt. Adrian Watts aboard the Bite Me

Sport Fishing Fiji Video - From Matava Resort, Kadavu Island - Wahoo, Sailfish and Spanish Mackerel with Capt. Adrian Watts aboard the Bite Me

IGFA Angler’s Digest brings you light-tackle fishing from Fiji with IGFA Certified Captain Adrian Watts and First Mate Joe Tucco. We target Wahoo and Sailfish and tie into a Spanish Mackerel for good measure. The area we work is up tight to the Great Astrolabe Reef where finding sailfish just a couple of hundred yards from the reef is just as common as tying into huge wahoo that run in packs. We'll finish up the episode with some underwater footage filmed on a few dives on the Great Astrolabe Reef – this reef has perhaps the healthiest coral any of us has ever seen.

If you're looking for an unspoiled place to dive, snorkel or a world-class fishery just minutes from your accomodation, you have to do yourself a favor and check out Matava Resort and the Bite Me sportfisher on Kadavu Island in Fiji.

Sport Fishing Fiji Video - From Matava Resort, Kadavu Island - Wahoo, Sailfish and Spanish Mackerel with Capt. Adrian Watts aboard the Bite Me