27 Dec 2007

Matava gets TripAdvisor Popularity Index: #1 of 6 hotels in Kadavu Island


Matava gets TripAdvisor Popularity Index: #1 of 6 hotels in Kadavu Island

TripAdvisor Traveler Rating: 4.5 based on 16 reviews

TripAdvisor Popularity Index: #1 of 6 hotels in Kadavu Island

24 Dec 2007

MySpace TV hilights Bite Me too!

Hey we're on MySpace TV too...

Matava Fiji Wahoo & Sailfish Fishing

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23 Dec 2007

Any Excuse to catch Fish !

Bite Me recently made her twice annual trip to Suva Harbour for her Fiji Islands Maritime Safety Authority (FIMSA) inspection which of course she passed with flying colours.

On the return trip, skipper Adrian had the pleasure of the company of fellow Resort Director Stuart Gow working the deck and along for the ride, Maurene, owner of Waisalima Beach Resort and her daughter Coral.

No opportunity to fish being passed over, we soon had a couple of rods out and Adrian made a few minor detours past favoured fishing grounds.

First surprise was a nice wahoo on a temperature break off Solo atoll which Stuart handled with a deft touch. Though a newbie at this fishing lark, he oversees the Resort Gamefishing Blog and clearly had been reading up on his homework.

Next up was Maurene and she was duly connected with a nice yellowfin tuna. After a good 30 minutes of hard fighting, it was clear that this yellowfin was no little munchkin and Coral stepped up to the rod to relieve Maurene's tiring arms. Another half hour later and after several searing deep runs, Stuart sank the gaff home and the ladies were delighted when a beautiful 50+lb yellowfin hit the deck.

Dinner at the resort that evening was Yellowfin sashimi starter with seared wahoo cutlets in tomato and chilli sauce. Nice.

12 Dec 2007

Wahoo Fishing - Skying, Jumping Wahoo Kadavu Fiji

Posted directly from YouTube. Boy they are making THIS real easy nowadays!


10 Dec 2007

Tips On - Wahoo - Lures That Work Here In Fiji

Wahoo season may be over, but it doesn't stop Adrian raving about it on other websites~~~~


Tips On - Wahoo - Lures That Work Here In Fiji

"Tips On - Wahoo - Lures That Work Here In Fiji By: Adrian Watt From May to October, packs of wahoo congregate along the Great Astrolabe Barrier Reef. The average size of wahoo is about 50lbs with a good fish weighing in at 75lbs. Each wahoo pack usually has a fish of close to 100lbs. We almost always use lures when targeting wahoo however we often get jumped by fish when bait & switch fishing for sailfish. If your teaser is rigged with mono…wave bye bye to the end of your daisy chain…."

Full article on ArticleSnatch.com Tips On - Wahoo - Lures That Work Here In Fiji

25 Nov 2007

Fiji forums: How is Kadavu? - TripAdvisor

Fiji forums: How is Kadavu? - TripAdvisor
Blogger: Gamefishing Fiji - Edit Post "Fiji forums: How is Kadavu? - TripAdvisor"
"Kadavu is awesome! I love that little rugged island.

Matava is an eco resort, very picturesque, great food that Jeannie, the owner, grows right out of her organic garden. They have kayak trips, waterfall treks, village visits, and a great staff and wonderful owners. It is very reasonable.

The only drawback is that they don't have a white sandy beach, but you can kayak a few minutes down the way, and you find your nice sandy beach."

Fiji forums: How is Kadavu? - TripAdvisor

20 Nov 2007

Fiji forums: Diving, swimming, relaxing recommendation. - TripAdvisor

Another rave review for us on TripAdvisor...



Fiji forums: Diving, swimming, relaxing recommendation. - TripAdvisor

"Those are the best for diving in Fiji - which would give you the full Fiji experience.

All of these are bure-style, and you can't miss.

Matava is a bit more adventure oriented and you won't be doing as much swimming, more exploring and adventuring - but the others have relaxing elements to them."

Fiji forums: Diving, swimming, relaxing recommendation. - TripAdvisor

19 Nov 2007

Alex Creagh & Crystal Waters chartered Bite Me

Alex & Crystal chartered Bite Me last week to add some tropical angling adventure to their honeymoon holiday at Matava Resort. Their sights were set on a Pacific Blue Marlin but day one proved that successful marlin fishing requires a dash of lady luck. Though large schools of small skipjack tuna were found, the billfish remained elusive.

Their perseverance paid off however on day two when a nice blue of about 250lbs ignored the bent butt 80s and smashed a brown & orange MBT lure set on a stand-up 50lbs class outfit. The blue roared off on a typical blue marlin furious charge leaping across the ocean as Bite Me charged ahead to stay in touch.

Alex an Ozzie but living with Crystal in Canada, did an exceptional job in the harness and after a fight of about 45 minutes, the blue was tagged, photographed and released.

Video footage courtesy of Crystal Waters (is that a cool name or what ?) to follow shortly.

With the tag in and the hooks out, deckie Joe prepares to swim the blue before release.

Alex takes a well earned breather as deckie Joe swims the marlin and Crystal gets some close in video footage.

12 Nov 2007

BlueWater Magazine : Kadavu record breaker

A great old article I stumbled on from BlueWater Magazine : Kadavu record breaker


A grand total of 330 islands, sprawled out over 500 square miles of Pacific Ocean, makes up the magnificent Fiji group. For many years it's been well documented in fishing magazines that these islands not only produce an amazing variety of tropical gamefish, but also that the fish always seem to come in exceptionally large sizes.

My trip to Fiji last year, which I covered in BlueWater, not only provided excellent fishing, but also confirmed what I'd heard and read about the place. The huge black marlin and enormous wahoo we ran up against were enough to convince me that the potential for records there is virtually untapped!

The success of that particular trip sparked plenty of interest, and I must admit that I couldn't wait to get back over there myself. Editor David Granville also displayed a keenness to have a look at the place, and we started negotiating a trip with Xtasea Charters, which is based at Pacific Harbour on the Coral Coast of Fiji's main island Viti Levu.

These guys specialise in light- and heavy-tackle gamefishing and offer daytrips and extended trips down to the beautiful island of Kadavu - about 70 miles south of Pacific Harbour. There, they operate from a couple of pretty little resorts that are only a few miles from some real hotspots - such as an enormous sea-mount and a 1000 fathom canyon!

With the assistance of the Fiji Tourist Bureau, the owner of Xtasea Charters Capt Brad Cupid and his right-hand man Rob Krause, were able to put the trip together for David and me back in July. Accompanying David was his charming wife Robyn - a keen fisho herself, who made our plan of targeting some line-class records even more interesting.

As we found in Fiji last year, the wahoo in particular are surprisingly large, and the prospect of both a men's and women's claim to world recognition was a real possibility

BlueWater Magazine : Kadavu record breaker

11 Nov 2007

Ecolodge & Green Building Tips - The International Ecotourism Society

As all our clients and many of our visitors to our website know, we are committed to environmental sustainability and our true belief in the principles of eco-tourism. I have just found this great article about Green uling, and just had to share it. Full article here:Ecolodge & Green Building Tips


Ecolodge & Green Building Tips

By Karen Lewis

Karen Lewis, Founder and Operator of Lapa Rios Ecolodge, a successful ecolodge in Costa Rica, shares know-how on building an ecolodge and tips on green building practices and sustainable products.

Introduction - “How do you green a tourism business?”

With input from colleague Glenn Jampol, co-owner of Costa Rica’s Finca Rosa Blanca, I list below those construction principles and products that provided a sustainable foundation for Lapa Rios. The outline only offers directives, as solutions must be tailored to individual sites. Finding specific products and methods will require independent research.

John Lewis and I began the development of Lapa Rios, a 14-bungalow ecolodge located in the Osa Peninsula, in 1990. We designed and built our conservation project using 1990s standards with the assistance of David Andersen, a Minneapolis architect. There was no blueprint for green construction or handbook for finding green products.

Community involvement, locally-found building materials, and time-tested practical solutions to these challenges proved essential to our success. First, we enrolled community members in the on-going preservation of the regions’ rain forest by suggesting and then demonstrating over time that ecological preservation efforts assured their (and our) economic future. Second, we located locally renewable building materials (wood, grasses, leaves) to use in constructing our lodge and we encouraged nearby agriculturalists to become our suppliers.

Full article here:Ecolodge & Green Building Tips

5 Nov 2007


The wahoo fishing just keeps getting better in part 2, but there's more. Some big giant trevally and spanish mackerel join sailfish to make for two great days of Matava Resort fishing.

The Great Astrolabe Reef wraps around nearly 75 miles of the coastline of Kadavu Island, Fiji where we find Matava Resort and Capt. Adrian Watt's "Bite Me" sport fishing charters. Waters are chock full of wahoo, sailfish, spanish mackerel and giant trevally plus the reef diving is perhaps the best in the world with incredibly healthy corals and plenty of tropical fish and reef species.

See the full video on the

Wahoo, sailfish, spanish mackerel and giant trevally fishing from Fiji


4 Nov 2007

Yasawa Islands forums: trying to decide - TripAdvisor

Yasawa Islands forums: trying to decide - TripAdvisor

"If you want secluded, look up Matava on Kadavu. That is by far the most wonderful place i have ever been and i have traveled.

This is real Fiji, and that staff there, well, i wanted to take them all home.

They have an organic garden and the food, i put on lots of pounds, couldn't wait for the next meal. Lots to do, and the Astroble reef is right there.

There is an island 5 min, by kayak(free) to kayak around and snorkle right off the magical beach."

Yasawa Islands forums: trying to decide - TripAdvisor

30 Oct 2007

YouTube - Wahoo Fishing - Skying, Jumping Wahoo Kadavu Fiji

YouTube - Wahoo Fishing - Skying, Jumping Wahoo Kadavu Fiji:

About This Video IGFA Angler's Digest goes fishing for wahoo wit... IGFA Angler's Digest goes fishing for wahoo with Capt. Adrian Watts out of Matava Resort, Fiji aboard the Bite Me. Rare footage of skying and jumping wahoo. For more fishing videos, visit http://www.igfaanglersdigest.com

29 Oct 2007

Fiji forums: Fiji <3 - TripAdvisor

Fiji forums: Fiji <3>

"If you are up for a bit of adventure, head to Kadavu Island.

It's got to be one of the most ruggedly magnificent islands in the archipelago. There you can visit waterfalls, kayak, see authentic Fiji at it's best.

I highly recommend Matava Resort, which is Fiji's leading Adventure resort.

They do it all. It's great for mid range travelers, the owners are fabulous, food is great, guests are fun."

Fiji forums: Fiji <3>

Great Wahoo Fishing Video on YouTube!

We have just started to tinker with video here at Matava and on Bite Me. A new wide angle lens and polarising filter on its way from USA and we will start posting some of these soon!

27 Oct 2007

A new fishing news and info site

Fishing Pictures

Fishing pictures, news, free user blogs and diaries, discussion forum and lure reviews.


20 Oct 2007

Fiji forums: Anybody ever been to Kadavu? - TripAdvisor

Fiji forums: Anybody ever been to Kadavu? - TripAdvisor

"i have written many notes on Kadavu, check out the Kadavu posts. We stayed at Matava...unbelievable...

There was a family just before us and the little girl, while visting the village, wanted to go to school. Each day, the school children would walk from the village and get the girl, returning her each day. The place is magical. If you need any more assistance, let me know.

Google Matava.com and talk with Jeanie, Please tell her that Carla and PEter from Idaho sent you.

You won't forget this place. Food is wonderful, the place is an organic farm. enjjoy"

Fiji forums: Anybody ever been to Kadavu? - TripAdvisor

19 Oct 2007

Welcome to "casualangler.com"

Subject: Re: Welcome to "casualangler.com" - http://casualangler.com/phpBB3

Hi John,
Not too bad but the wahoo bite has just started in ernest and the sailfish packs are starting to show now so all the fishing for the next few months will be light tackle for those guys.

Just spent a week fishing 8lb line class with Tim Simpson (BlueWater magazine) on Bite Me for wahoo & sails which can be a bit risky round these parts what with all the yellowfin. Fought one yellowfin for 4 hours and 5 minutes and we were just beginning to win when the Shimano TLD reel exploded under the line crush strain. Blew the ratchet clean out of the boat and the spool imploded.

Lost a possible world record sailfish after a 5+ hour fight. We were still fighting after dark and the deck lights attracted squid...which attracted a pod of dolphins...which bumped into the line and bust us off.

Took some Fiji National Records though so all not on vain.

Got IGFA Anglers Digest coming in a week or two to film some shows for the Sportsman Channel and the big Fiji tournament coming up so the next few months should be a lot of fun !
Best regards,
Cpt Adrian Watt
Director, Matava Resort Gamefishing,
Tel: + (679) 3336 222 or 3336 098

Sent: Sunday, July 08, 2007 1:49 PM
Subject: RE: Welcome to "casualangler.com" - http://casualangler.com/phpBB3

I am doing a bit of redesign and will have you back up by tomorrow morning or sooner. I hope you like the new look and feel I have been working on.
How has the fishing been in the islands?
John Kessler
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From: Adrian at Matava.com [mailto:Adrian@Matava.com]
Sent: Friday, July 06, 2007 7:44 PM
To: webmaster@casualangler.com
Subject: Re: Welcome to "casualangler.com" - http://casualangler.com/phpBB3

I looke at the website and couldn't find anything ?
----- Original Message -----
Sent: Saturday, June 09, 2007 2:37 AM
Subject: RE: Welcome to "casualangler.com" - http://casualangler.com/phpBB3

I added you site to my featured sponsors. Take a look and see if you are OK with what I did www.casualangler.com
John Kessler

16 Oct 2007

Fiji forums: Head about to explode girl who is going to fiji next week - TripAdvisor

Fiji forums: Head about to explode girl who is going to fiji next week - TripAdvisor

"-Kadavu Island. Great island! Rugged, untamed, adventurous. Matava is wonderful - they have a dorm, also a private bure with shared bathroom facilities for a great price.

They have the best on site owners/managers, wonderful staff, the most awesome food, and they'll take you gamefishing, snorkeling, kayaking, picnicing.

It's not a real backpacker type place, so that might fit the bill for you.

They don't have a white sand beach, but if you paddle a few meters away, there's a private island with a great beach and they'll pack you a lunch you can take with you.


Fiji forums: Head about to explode girl who is going to fiji next week - TripAdvisor

14 Oct 2007

I Fish; Therefore, I Am

I Fish; Therefore, I Am: And Other Observations by Patrick F. McManus This book is a compilation of three other McManus books: "A Fine and Pleasant Misery," "Never Sniff a Gift Fish," and "They Shoot Canoes, Don't They?" It is not the same volume as the two-cassette release by the same name.

The cassette edition by this name is a compilation of only a few Pat stories. Dedicated McManus readers may already have the three volumes contained in this book. It is, however, a great gift, and nice for those who haven't yet purchased the earlier books that make it up.

10 Oct 2007

National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) Goes to Online Billfish Reporting

Effective October 17 of this year, anglers should report non-tournament landings of Atlantic marlins, sailfish and swordfish to the NMFS online through the new web-based reporting system at http://www.hmspermits.gov.

To log on and report a swordfish or billfish landing anglers will to have their Highly Migratory Species (HMS) Angling or Charter/Headboat permit number handy, along with their trip date, catch and fishing gear information. A confirmation number will be provided after a successful complete report. Tournament landings information will continue to be provided to the NMFS by tournament directors. While switching to online reporting as the primary portal, the agency will continue to man the toll free phone number currently in use.

TBF reminds all billfish anglers that timely and accurate reporting of landings is a vital element of fisheries conservation and management.

7 Oct 2007

Saltwater Fishing Report – September / October 2007

For the waters around Kadavu Island- Fiji Islands – South Pacific.
Charter Operator – Matava Resort Gamefishing
Boat Names – Bite Me (Offshore) and Offensive Tackle (Inshore)
Average Water Temp – 25.0
Average Sea State – 70% Wind chop to 4ft, groundswell to 6ft / 30% calm
Average Winds – 70% Breezy to 20kts ESE / 30% light Northerly
Water Clarity – Variable inshore, good offshore

Spring is in the air but the wahoo and sails continue their airborne displays. With the late season start, Fiji should continue to enjoy a good wahoo bite right through to October. The big sails are stillbeing found along the reef but usually just in twos and threes. It has been a variable winter, warmer than normal with some unusual weather patterns interrupting the typical trade winds.
In winter, the outer barrier reef slopes are often inaccessible but these weeks of calm winter days have given anglers unlimited access to the big GTs that hang out in the breakers. This has resulted in a red hot GT bite. Kadavu island’s Great Astrolabe barrier reef is producing large numbers of mid sized fish with frequent fish to 70lbs and the occasional rod snapping monster getting the best of astonished anglers. Even the narrow barred mackerel are getting into the action with many good sized fish caught on poppers right in close to the reef.

Nevertheless, with the calm summer season rapidly approaching, the sails will move on and the wahoo move out wide so thoughts are now turning to the heavier tackle. Divers from the resort have been checked out by big black marlin on several occasions as the blacks migrate past Kadavu island.

With large schools of Skipjack and Yellowfin tuna scattered all along the barrier reef, the bent butt 80s and Moldcraft wide ranges are getting dusted off and serviced as attention starts to switch to the blue marlin grounds and the coming run of big cow Yellowfin in November / December.

Blue marlin – Lots of small to mid sized fish with the occasional 600+ pounder
Sailfish – Still here with double hook-ups common. Average size 80-90lbs
Wahoo – Big packs still being found though starting to thin out now.
Yellowfin - Here in good numbers but can be patchy as schools move through
Mackerel – Plenty of small ones inshore, some very nice fish hitting ballyhoo rigs outside the reef.
Mahi Mahi – Yes, lots to 20lbs and some bigger bulls to 50lbs around
GTs – Red hot bite at the moment but the weather sometimes limits access to the best places.

Cpt Adrian Watt
Director, Matava Resort Gamefishing,
Tel: + (679) 3337 222 or 3336 098

1 Oct 2007

Sport Fishing Fiji Video - From Matava Resort, Kadavu Island - Wahoo, Sailfish and Spanish Mackerel with Capt. Adrian Watts aboard the Bite Me

Sport Fishing Fiji Video - From Matava Resort, Kadavu Island - Wahoo, Sailfish and Spanish Mackerel with Capt. Adrian Watts aboard the Bite Me

IGFA Angler’s Digest brings you light-tackle fishing from Fiji with IGFA Certified Captain Adrian Watts and First Mate Joe Tucco. We target Wahoo and Sailfish and tie into a Spanish Mackerel for good measure. The area we work is up tight to the Great Astrolabe Reef where finding sailfish just a couple of hundred yards from the reef is just as common as tying into huge wahoo that run in packs. We'll finish up the episode with some underwater footage filmed on a few dives on the Great Astrolabe Reef – this reef has perhaps the healthiest coral any of us has ever seen.

If you're looking for an unspoiled place to dive, snorkel or a world-class fishery just minutes from your accomodation, you have to do yourself a favor and check out Matava Resort and the Bite Me sportfisher on Kadavu Island in Fiji.

Sport Fishing Fiji Video - From Matava Resort, Kadavu Island - Wahoo, Sailfish and Spanish Mackerel with Capt. Adrian Watts aboard the Bite Me

27 Sep 2007

Government Denies Current Longline Permits for Atlantic Closed Zone Government Chartered Longline Vessel Will Conduct Research

Future Access Still an Issue

The National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) has denied issuing Exempted Fishing Permits (EFP) to 13 pelagic longline vessels to fish within closed zones off the east coast of Florida.

The recreational fishing community expressed strong opposition to the permit application noting that the zones were closed to provide protection for critical habitat for juvenile swordfish, sailfish, blue marlin and white marlin. At the time the agency considered the permits, it was reassessing white marlin under the Endangered Species Act (ESA). Longlining in the closed zone would have increased white marlin mortality, as well as that of other species, so it made no sense to approve a “federal action” that would have negatively impacted white marlin. The recreational fishing community applauds the agency for its decision to close the zones in 2000 and now for denying the EFPs.

We're not out of the woods yet...

Even so, the issue is not settled on closed zone access for longline vessels. The agency will conduct research on a chartered longline vessel that will fish within the east coast closed zone. This study, identical in purpose to the purposal put forward in the longline permit application, will assess the effectiveness of recently required circle hooks to reduce bycatch mortality on longline vessels. Agency conducted research will likely employ fewer vessels, possibly only one, with a scientist on board to collect data on bycatch caught with circle hooks. The agency then will evaluate the data and, depending upon results, may issue proposed actions relative to the closed zone.

TBF appreciates the responsiveness of our recreational fishing community to this important issue and asks that you stay in touch with us for future developments.

Join TBF or renew your membership today!

Don't forget you can shop online for your tagging equipment and TBF apparel!

Please visit our website at www.billfish.org.

17 Sep 2007

Fiji forums: if any one wants to know about alternate places to... - TripAdvisor

Fiji forums: if any one wants to know about alternate places to... - TripAdvisor

"Then to the airport to fly to Kadavu. There is the smallest airport in the world there, with a stick for the security!!!

We met our boat man and took an 45min ride to the resort Kadavu has no roads, so i just kept looking at the jungle, wondering if i had pushed my limit of comfort.

After arriving at MATAVA (www.matava.com wonderful website), we just loved the place.

By far, this was the most romantic and best food that we had. No electricity, eating by lantern, snorkeling on the astroble reef, walking to the village, watching the local boys dive...i just can't tell you enough about how i feel i got the FIJIAN experience."

Fiji forums: if any one wants to know about alternate places to... - TripAdvisor

14 Sep 2007

Marlin Expert: Fisherman's Resource Information Guide for Marlin, Information about fishing for Marlin - Pacific Blue Marlin trolling lures

Another well placed article by Adrian this time on the Marlin Expert website...


Marlin Expert: Fisherman's Resource Information Guide for Marlin, Information about fishing for Marlin - Pacific Blue Marlin trolling lures

What Went Pear Shaped # 1 - Trolling Lures For Pacific Blue Marlin

2.30pm heading away from the Kadavu Seamount 1. Trolling a spread of 4 lures near the Kadavu seamount – A purple Hollowpoint Cabo Killa on the long rigger, and a blue/white/yellow/pink Black Bart Hot Breakfast on the short rigger, both lures with a single 10/0 Stainless steel hook stiff rigged on wire. 19 feet of 400lb wind-on and 9 feet of 300lb Ande leader. Short and long corners were a huge silver / yellow custom MBT Monster and a John Lau Linda, both 12/0 double hook loose shackle rigged at about 45 degrees. (Pakula style)

Marlin Expert: Fisherman's Resource Information Guide for Marlin, Information about fishing for Marlin - Pacific Blue Marlin trolling lures

Cam Sigler Flies Bite Me

The Bite Me crew recently had the pleasure of the company of world renown fly fisherman Cam Sigler Jr aboard looking for some inshore and offshore tropical flyfishing action. His visit coincided with a visit from the IGFA Anglers Digest film crew who were here with Bill Boyce presenting a couple of TV shows from Bite Me. Being wahoo season here in Kadavu, we had little trouble persuading Cam to pit his fly fishing skills against a marauding wahoo pack and put one of his Cam Sigler fly rods through its paces.

We headed out to one of the many spots where the wahoo like to pack up and withing an hour had found a large pack of some 40 fish ranging in size from 30lbs to 90lbs. Our first run through produced multiple hook-ups on lures and ballyhoo skip baits giving the anglers and film crew a healthy warm-up before the main event. We then got set for the fly attempt with just two lures out off the left rigger and corner and Cam standing ready in the right corner ready to cast a large silver flasher fly. When the two lures were duly mauled, the boat was put in neutral and Cam cast. On his first strip back to the transom a nice wahoo of about 35lbs charged in, porpoised clean into the air and came down hard on the fly. The fly rod loaded up, fly reel screamed and Cam was into his first Kadavu wahoo on fly. Judging from the grin on his face, I think it was an enjoyable experience !

If you want to see all the action, check out the IGFA Anglers Digest website for a download of the show or see the show on the Sportsman's Channel in the USA or Wild TV in Canada.
It was great fun to have you aboard Cam and Joe and I look forward to many more action packed visits.

Next time, I recommend you try one of our big GTs on fly. Then you will REALLY know what its like to be hopelessly out-gunned on a fly rod!

See the streaming video on IGFA Anglers Digest website

13 Sep 2007

Reduce overfishing, says Greenpeace - Fiji Times Online

Reduce overfishing, says Greenpeace

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Update: 10.44am

ENVIRONMENTAL group Greenpeace has accused Pacific nations of continuing to treat tuna stocks as limitless and says the level of fishing in the region has to be cut back.

Greenpeace Oceans Team Leader Nilesh Goundar who is attending this year's Tuna Forum in Papua New Guinea, says the industry still considers Pacific ocean tuna stocks as a lucrative all-you-can-take region.

He says the level of catch must be set to a sustainable precautionary level and the Pacific region must resist the push to fish more.

He says over-fishing will lead to an unsustainable harvest with huge socio-economic and environmental costs as has happened elsewhere in the world, reports Radio Australia.

Greenpeace says it will push for 50 percent less fishing across Pacific tuna fisheries at the Tuna commission meeting in December.

Reduce overfishing, says Greenpeace - Fiji Times Online
Copyright © 2004 - 2007, Fiji Times Limited.

12 Sep 2007

Results of The 27th IGFC Tournament, 2007

In Association with Riviera Yachts Fiji and Shimano

Pacific Harbour 16th – 18th August, 2007.

Highest Scoring Team


Riviera One

Force Line

Highest Scoring Male Angler

Max Oyagawa - Kania

David Fiu - Kania

Phillip Tombs – Play Station

Higest Scoring Lady

Phyllis Williams – Bill Fever

Highest Scoring Junior

Matthew Cook – Riviera One

Tag & Release –

Max Oyagawa - Kania

David Fiu - Kania

Phillip Tombs - Playstation

Heaviest Fish

Adrian Henington – Turaga Levu

Heaviest Wahoo

Phyllis Williams – Bill Fever

Heaviest Tuna

Matthew Cook – Riviera One

Heaviest MahiMahi

Anil Kumar – Riviera One

Heaviest Walu

Bruce Southwick - Kania

Hard Luck Prize

Ryan Irvine – Wai Tadra (Down Under)

Best Dressed Team

Turaga Levu

International Game Fishing Club Fiji

Best Fiji Fishing Lodge Resort - Matava Resort, Kadavu, Fiji - IGFA Readers Digest



By Bill Boyce

To anyone who has traveled the world in search of fine fishing locations, an un-deniable fact we keep contending with at so many of these destinations is .. Paradise Lost.. Paradise Lost… Paradise Lost. For we have all been to places we dreamed could never exist, and once there, had the most insane adventure, vying to return as soon as humanly possible. But when we did make that much anticipated pilgrimage back to paradise.. It was indeed .. Lost.

Typically due to over development, to people who for one reason or another just don’t seem to belong there. You know the scenario, we fishy type people in our shorts, and industry related T-shirts, keep getting replaced by the dreaded “suit and tie on the beach” look. Or worse yet, the bald guy clad in Bermuda shorts, with white sox, black polished wing tips, and a big obnoxious woven hat with MEXICO sewed across the front of it. Tell tale signs that your “secret spot” is a little less a secret, and more likely the hottest new time share condo destination.

Well, I just returned from a filming expedition of a new travel / fishing series called IGFA Angler’s Digest TV on the remote Fijian island of Kadavu.

From the moment my Top Siders touched the ground, I knew I had found a special place.

A place sooooo different from any other I had ever been.
One which gave me the immediate imminent feeling that I will soon be truly experiencing…

Paradise Found…!!!

The 40 minute skiff ride from the small air strip that services Kadavu was an adventure unto itself. Passing thru stunningly clear waters where the pristine virgin coral reefs pass just a few feet under the flat bottomed hull.

Read the rest of this article at:

Best Fiji Fishing Lodge Resort - Matava Resort, Kadavu, Fiji - Black Marlin, Barred Spanish Mackerel,Yellowfin Tuna, Mahi Mahi, Sailfish, Roosterfish, Wahoo - Bite Me Fishing Charters

The Fishing Blog from the Lifestyle directory of Resources For Attorneys

It's amazing where Adrian's articles end up... This is latest one we found:

The Fishing Blog from the Lifestyle directory of Resources For Attorneys is a collection on posts, articles and editorials about the joys, trials and tribulations of fishing.

Attorneys, more than most people lead very demanding stressful lives.

Fishing, if done properly, can help alleviate stress. This blog has been set up in order to assist attorneys and other interested parties in obtaining the most joy and benefit from fishing


9 Sep 2007

Inshore Salt Water Fishing

Inshore Salt Water Fishing by Creative Publishing international Facts and information about the history and distribution of over 40 inshore species.

7 Sep 2007

Traveler Reviews - Loved it - we'll be back - TripAdvisor

Kadavu Island: Matava - The Astrolabe Hideaway - Traveler Reviews - Loved it - we'll be back - TripAdvisor

"We spent a week at Matava in November 06 and it was everything we anticipated and more. I'm not a diver but my partner is and he did some brilliant dives, seeing mantas and sharks and a myriad of other wonderful things. The highlight for us was walking to the local village and swimming under the waterfall with the local children. So magical, we did it twice! We also snorkelled, walked to the top of the Island, checked out the beautiful organic gardens and spent a lot of time lying around, relaxing totally. The food & hospitality was great and we loved sharing our meals and experiences with the other guests. This is not the place to go if you want fancy pools and bars, but if you want to get away from the 'regular' resorts and off the beaten track a little, then this is it."

Kadavu Island: Matava - The Astrolabe Hideaway - Traveler Reviews - Loved it - we'll be back - TripAdvisor

5 Sep 2007

California Coastal Commission Requests Denial of Longline Permit

On Friday, August 10 the California Coastal Commission voted unanimously to oppose issuance of an Exempted Fishing Permit (EFP) to use longline gear off the U.S. West Coast. The finding that the issuance of such a permit is not consistent with California's Coastal Zone Management Plan places increased pressure on the Washington Headquarters of the National Marine Fisheries Service to deny the permit application, which was approved by the federal Pacific Fishery Management Council earlier this year.

TBF joined a coalition of environmental, sportfishing and small scale commercial fishing organizations to voice opposition to the permit at the Commission's meeting.

TBF has been leading the fight against any development of a longline fishery off the West Coast since 2000.

3 Sep 2007

Ken Schultz's Field Guide to Saltwater Fish

The definitive field guide to North American saltwater fish–from the absolute authority on sportfishing.

Before you head out to the open seas, listen up: Your tackle box is not complete without Ken Schultz’s Field Guide to Saltwater Fish! Written by one of the foremost experts in sportfishing, this colorful reference provides anglers and fish enthusiasts of all levels an easy-to-use, indispensable guide to help you identify and learn about the most common species found off the North American coastlines–from albacore to yellowtail.

Based on the award-winning reference book Ken Schultz’s Fishing Encyclopedia, this handy field guide compresses the essence of its bestselling predecessor into a more manageable, compact size. Arranged alphabetically by species, each entry covers the identification, size/age, distribution, habitat, life history/behavior, and feeding habits of each fish. This fully illustrated, full-color guide makes it easy to identify what’s at the end of your line. You’ll learn how to distinguish an Atlantic mackerel from a Spanish mackerel, for instance; why you might mistake a cobia for a shark or a remora; how the red grouper’s saddle spot will help you tell it apart from a Nassau grouper; and so much more.

Written for the 16 million people who enjoy saltwater fishing, Ken Schultz’s Field Guide to Saltwater Fish features:
  • 227 of the most common saltwater fish
  • Large, full-color illustrations to help you identify your catch
  • Approachable organization in a compact, take-along size
  • A comprehensive glossary that explains the terms used in the species profiles
  • Overview and anatomy sections written in layman’s terms
Ken Schultz’s Field Guide to Saltwater Fish is a must-have for any fan of America’s favorite pastime: fishing!

30 Aug 2007

Matava - Fishing Report – August 2007

For the waters around Kadavu Island- Fiji Islands

Charter Operator – Matava Resort Gamefishing

Boat Names – Bite Me (Offshore) and Offensive Tackle (Inshore)

Average Water Temp – 25.5

Average Sea State – Wind chop to 6ft, Occasional groundswell to 4ft

Average Winds – Breezy to 20kts mostly ESE

ater Clarity – Good inshore, good offshore

We are now well into the winter wahoo and Pacific sailfish run but this year continues to disappoint a little. The large packs of marauding wahoo that congregate along the barrier reef are fewer in number than normal. Though packs are being found in some of the usual places, some sites that normally hold wahoo packs are just not firing up yet. The average wahoo size is also lower than normal at about 20kg rather than 26kg though some big solitary fish have been seen. The sails have also been down in numbers though some very nice fish to 60kgs have been tagged & released. Normally the average sail pack consists of about 5 to 6 fish but this year, so far, sails have been raised as solo fish or in pairs. It may well be that the late fall in water temperature is leading to a late season here and September may be the peak month rather than the usual July / August.

The upside though is the blue marlin fishing. Normally fairly quiet at this time of year, there seems to be significant numbers of blues close in to the reefs ranging in size from 80kgs to 200kgs. During the recent Pacific Harbour Tournament, charter boat ‘Opulence’ hooked up a blue estimated at 600lbs on 15kg line class but the fish was lost. ‘Bite Me’ had a blue of about 150kgs free-jumping behind the spread but couldn’t get a shot. Another competitor on ‘Catalina’ was spooled on 24kg before the deck could be cleared. There are clearly some good sized blues out there in the mix.

The yellowfin are coming through in waves so one week they are everywhere and the next, hard to find anywhere other than the Kadavu seamount. This area always holds tuna.

Quite a few mahi mahi around with the average size around 10kg though some nice fish to 20kg were weighed during the recent tournament.

The GTs are still active in the surf zones with a lot of smaller fish to 15kg giving great sport on 15kg line class.


Water – Still slightly warmer than normal but continuing to fall slowly.

Weather – The usual winter trade winds often making it choppy

Blue Marlin – More around than usual and some big ones present

Sailfish – Ones and twos in all the usual place

Wahoo – Not a great year so far but still good wahoo fishing by anyone’s standard

Yellowfin - Here in good numbers but can be patchy as schools move throug

Mackerel – Plenty of small ones inshore, the bigger guys now hitting ballyhoo rig

Mahi Mahi – Yes, lots to 20lbs and some bigger fish showin

GTs – Excellent popper casting fishing at the moment but the weather sometimes interferes

Captain Adrian Watt

Director, Matava Resort Gamefishing,

Tel: + (679) 333 6222 or 333 6098



IGFA Anglers Digest Film Crew Visit - The Flying Hoo of Kadavu

Every winter, large packs of big marauding wahoo and Pacific sailfish gather along the Great Astrolabe barrier reef and word of this phenomena reached the ears of presenter Bill Boyce and his IGFA Anglers Digest film crew.

Bill is a world renown biologist, underwater photographer and film maker, rod builder, angler of exceptional skill and down right nice guy. We were delighted to have him and his film crew, Richard Chudy and Dee Peralta visit us at Matava Resort and film some gamefishing shows aboard Bite Me in July this year.

We concentrated mainly on the wahoo and sailfish light tackle action with some enjoyable sidetracks such as filming fly fishing for wahoo with Cam Sigler Jr, going after the IGFA World Record wahoo on 4kg line class and even throwing some poppers at the reef for Giant Trevally.
We even found time to test out the new Pakula Wonderlure as well as try out a pet theory of Bills - circle hooks in skirted lures - but more on that later.

The wahoo put on quite a show for the cameras often leaping 20 feet into the air to pounce on the spread of lures.

Needless to say, the fishing was excellent and the producers declared their biggest problem was squeezing all the action into just two shows !

Bill was fortunate enough to take the Fiji National Record wahoo on 4kg line class though he lost a probable world record fish when the hooks pulled on a monster hoo after a 20 minute fight. Even the cameramen were forced into action with so many wahoo pack mass attacks meaning that just clearing a rod was fraught with danger.

Catch all the leaping wahoo action on the Sportsman's Channel in the USA or Wild TV in Canada.

Coming up on both of these stations during the weeks of 27 August and 3 September 2007 (Two part episode)

Alternatively, the shows or action clips can be downloaded from the IGFA Anglers Digest website after the show has aired.

29 Aug 2007

Fiji forums: Window Shopping an Island Resort... - TripAdvisor

Fiji forums: Window Shopping an Island Resort... - TripAdvisor

"If you want the same kind of experience (rugged island, gorgeous scenery) on Kadavu, go to Matava.

It is exceptional. The owners are amazing, the staff is great, it's such a fun place and the food is awesome. It is a great experience and about the same price as Waisalima, but oh, so much better. Write to them at: matava@connect.com.fj and check their website at www.matava.com.

You'll be writing to Jeannie, Richard or Adrian, and tell them that Fiji Suz recommended you.

They'll treat you right!"

Fiji forums: Window Shopping an Island Resort... - TripAdvisor

Some video from Fiji! Gt's galore

Some video from Fiji! Gt's galore

27 Aug 2007

IGFA Anglers Digest Fishing Show, far off the beaten path

IGFA Anglers Digest Fishing Show

"WEEK OF 8/27 AND 9/1 (Two part episode)

We venture far off the beaten path to fish the Great Astrolabe Reef from Matava Resort on Kadavu Island, Fiji.

We set a new Fijian record for Wahoo plus Sailfish, Giant Trevally, and Barred Spanish Mackerel with IGFA Capt. Adrian Watts."

IGFA Anglers Digest Fishing Show

25 Aug 2007

Current Fiji National Records Held at Matava: 20


M-04kg Yellowfin Tuna

M-04kg Mahi Mahi (Dolphinfish)

M-04kg Narrowbarred Mackerel

M-04kg Barracuda

M-04kg Rainbow Runner

M-04kg Skipjack Tuna

M-04kg Wahoo

M-04kg Giant Trevally **

M-04kg Kawakawa

M-06kg Kawakawa

M-06kg Wahoo

M-08kg Pacific Sailfish

M-10kg Pacific Sailfish

M-15kg Rainbow Runner


W-06kg Yellowfin Tuna

W-06kg Narrow Barred (Spanish) Mackerel

W-08kg Yellowfin Tuna

W-10kg Yellowfin Tuna

W-10kg Bluefin Trevally

W-15kg Yellowfin Tuna

** Latest Record Taken – August 2007

Oh Nuts!..Yellowfin.....Run Away..Run Away...

I recently had the pleasure of that renown angler, author and editor of BlueWater magazine, Tim Simpson fishing aboard Bite Me. Its becoming an annual event when Tim and I get together every July, throw caution to the wind and fish 4kilo (8lb) line class in Kadavu island's tropical waters.

Most people think we are nuts to even contemplate fishing such light tackle in waters that are filled with marlin, big sailfish, wahoo, mackerel and dogtooth tuna but I have to say, as far as fishing goes, its the most fun you can have without a tub of Haagen Daz ice cream and a lady I know called Mandy.

The challenge is simple. You meticulously spool and prepare your gear, measure your doubles and leaders to comply with IGFA regulations, set your strike drags at 1.3kg (3lbs), troll a limited spread of small lures with specially selected hooks and wait to see what jumps on.
Then all hell breaks loose.

If its a wahoo or mackerel, the fight is relatively normal.

If its a sailfish, you clear the deck and then go charging backwards like a maniac to try to get to the fish whilst it still leaps around on the surface.

If it a yellowfin, the skipper puts the kettle on, makes you a cup of tea and hands it to you so you have something to cry into for the next 4 hours of the fight.

And the yellowfin were everywhere....

Its the only time of the year where I will actually drive AWAY from a baitball on the surface being smashed by diving birds and feeding tuna. Our target fish were wahoo and Pacific sailfish so spending hours on a stubborn yellowfin was not at the top of the agenda. Its a strange feeling, for as a charterboat captain, I spend half my life staring at the horizon hunting for birds and to have to steer a zig zag course to actually avoid baitballs....well, its just not right !

I was not entirely successful. The yellowfin were so prolific that we did end uphooking a number of fish and my respect for these beautiful speeding bullets just continues to grow. On 4 kilo line class they are probably one of the most difficult fish in the ocean to best. On strike, they immediately plummet down as far as they can go and once down there, extend their pectoral wings, nose into the current and sit there like an immovable truck. With only three pounds of strike drag and 400 yards of 8lb line out, a half decent sized yellowfin has a better chance of winning than you do.... But that's the whole point of sport fishing....

The Creed created by the Tuna Club of Avalon states "The underlying spirit of angling is that the skill of the angler is pitted against the instinct and strength of the fish and the latter is entitled to an even chance for his life"

We ended up having an absolute ball with the small schooling yellowfin and Tim even took the M-04kg Fiji National Record with a fish weighing 14.6kg (32lbs). A most respectable weight for a yellowfin tuna on ultra light tackle. The fight time of 50 tense minutes reflects the strength of these fish and Tim's skills in working the drag beyond safe limits to win the fight.

I think I might be turning into a confirmed light tackle nut. Now, if I can just figure out how to deal with the 4 hours of heart stopping boat manoevering and tense stand-off waiting, watching line steadily peeling off the spool before the line goes 'ping' and the angler turns and says 'I've lost him"......

Its a roller coaster ride that makes grown men cry.

I'm hooked.