31 Oct 2008

5th World Recreational Fishing Conference/November 10-13, 2008/Hosted by IGFA

The World Recreational Fishing Conference series is a forum through which to address fisheries issues specific to recreational fishing community. The 5th WRFC will provide a focused and dynamic agenda to address issues of importance today and the future. Leaders representing the sport fishing community from around the world will gather in an environment where they can get to know one another and exchange ideas on addressing real issues impacting the sport of fishing. The conference Proceedings will be peer reviewed and published.

The outcomes of the WRFC include:

Better ideas and solutions for addressing challenges, and capitalizing on opportunities, that impact sport fishing and participation. For the scientific/management community, an opportunity to explore common environmental and social issues affecting sport fishing from a scientific view point in an atmosphere focused specifically on sport fishing.

Topics of Specific Interest include:

  • Climate change: direct implications for anglers, sportfishing industry, and fisheries managers
  • Inland and marine protected areas: successes, failures, processes and impacts on recreational fisheries
  • Sustainable development of recreational fisheries
  • Community expectations and perceptions: recreational fishing’s role in society
  • Global partnerships in recreational fisheries
  • Ecosystem based approach to recreational fisheries management
  • Economic contribution of recreational fisheries to society
This will be a highly dynamic, interactive conference offering ample opportunities for you to interact with your colleagues from around the globe.

Who Should Participate?

  • Recreational fisheries managers
  • Companies depending on sportfishing for their business
  • NGO’s wanting to increase interaction with the sportfishing community
  • Fisheries scientists
  • Highly motivated anglers involved with management of sport fisheries

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Registration is limited to 280 Conference Attendees. Attendees are encouraged to register early as space will be limited!
Registration will be open Sunday Nov. 9th from 2pm - 6pm at the IGFA Fishing Hall of Fame & Museum.

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5th World Recreational Fishing Conference/November 10-13, 2008/Hosted by IGFA

Airbourne black marlin

Simply Awesome huh?

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Matava - Fiji's Premier Eco Adventure Lodge
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29 Oct 2008

Five to be inducted Oct. 25 into 10th IGFA Fishing Hall of Fame

October 2008
By Pete Johnson, Johnson Communications – IGFA PR Counsel

One of fishing's most celebrated evenings of the year will take place on Saturday, October 25, as five legends of the sport are inducted into the IGFA Fishing Hall of Fame. The annual event recognizes honorees from around the world for the important contributions they have made to fishing through angling achievements, the arts, literature, science, education, communication, an invention or administration of fishery resources. This year they include: the late Henry Chee, a renowned Hawaii guide and innovator of offshore lures; the late Dr. Roy Dean, founder of the Intl. Light Tackle Tournament Assoc., and early promoter of catch-and-release and researcher of billfish migration; Jimmy Houston, professional bass fisherman and TV show host; Kay Rybovich, co-founder of the Intl. Women's Fishing Assoc., conservationist and one of the grand ladies of sport fishing, and Karl Wickstrom, founder and editor-in-chief of Florida Sportsman magazine, who initiated and chaired the Save Our Sealife campaign that banned gill nets and revitalized Florida's inshore waters.

The class of 2008 represents the 10th year of inductions and takes place at the IGFA Fishing Hall of Fame & Museum in Dania Beach, Fla., USA. The evening's activities begin at 6 p.m. and include a cocktail reception, silent auction, dinner and the induction ceremony. Tickets for the evening are still available at $200 per person. The public is invited.

Seventy IGFA Fishing Hall of Fame members are currently enshrined and include Ernest Hemingway, Zane Grey, Curt Gowdy, Ted Williams, Michael and Helen Lerner, Philip Wylie and John Rybovich.

For reservations, sponsorships or further information, contact Lesley Arico at the International Game Fish Association, 300 Gulf Stream Way, Dania Beach, Florida, 33004.  Email: larico@igfa.org, by phone 954-924-4222, or fax 954-924-4299.

26 Oct 2008

Award Winning Television Sport Fishing Show - IGFA Angler's Digest - Fishing Videos, Photos, Captains, Charters, Articles and Information for Sponsorships


Receives most nominations and most awards at the 2007 Sportsman Channel Awards at the House of Blues Las Vegas!

That's right, IGFA Angler's Digest scored big at the 6th Annual Sportsman Channel Awards at the House of Blues at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas on February 2nd, 2008.

Our show was honored with 4 nominations including Best Videography, Best Writing while winning Best New Series and Best Saltwater Fishing Episode of 2007!! Now we're off to FSN Florida for broadcasts of our award winning show starting 3rd quarter, 2008.

Award Winning Television Sport Fishing Show - IGFA Angler's Digest - Fishing Videos, Photos, Captains, Charters, Articles and Information for Sponsorships

25 Oct 2008

AOL Video of Black Marlins in Fiji

Watch more metacafe videos on AOL Video

23 Oct 2008

Marlin World online video magazine

What a world we're living in right now ... It seems that hardly a day passes by without some kind of news being announced that is going to affect our lives one way or another. For those that don't know, the Marlin World team is based in Europe so forgive us if we don't always pick up on the news from the USA where most of our readers come from. What I can pick out from 2008 though is the 'credit crunch', economic downturn, hurricanes galore and of course the upcoming election for the next President of the United States.

One way or another we have all been affected and we pray that solutions will be found for all the world’s woes and that life can bring us as much as we hope for. There is also a lot to feel good about though too, and that’s fishing! Fishing is a passion that brings together many people, let’s not waste that comradery! We are upbeat and are fast approaching our first full year of the Marlin World online video magazine.

We remain passionate about our publication and we welcome articles, photographs, videos and press releases from the entire sportfishing community whether they be saltwater or freshwater inclined.  

Closing date for the November / December issue is October 29th, so get your material to us as soon as possible if you want to be included. Send to ofcfilmcrew@gmail.com

Respected heavy tackle captain Peter Bristow debates the use of single hook rigs for big Atlantic Blue Marlin, Pete Pakula kicks off a new series of video articles about fishing techniques, swordfish action from Europe, fishing DVD reviews from award winning films, Costa del Mar and the incredible 580 lens, 'Lady Action' with Carrie Winner, and much much more!

Tightlines to ‘one and all’

Paul Watson,

22 Oct 2008

How to Catch Marlin, Black Marlin Fishing, Tips, Marlin, Article, Trolling, Lures, Live Bait

By Richard Chudy

Unlike other marlin, blacks live only in the Pacific. They are considered by most marine biologists to be a continental shelf species – meaning that they tend to remain near landmasses and are unlikely to be found in open waters.

Perhaps that characteristic contributes to the black marlin’s more deliberate nature. Black marlin are more likely to remain in a specific area for longer periods of time, move slower than a blue or a striper, and feed in a more methodical, systematic way. Like all marlin, they are opportunistic feeders but differ from the others in that they are known to consume loads of reef fish.

Hunting areas of structure for grouper, snapper and other reef fish, the black develops more of a territorial personality. Blacks caught and released in one area are often caught again in the same spot weeks later.

Read the whole article here:

How to Catch Marlin, Black Marlin Fishing, Tips, Marlin, Article, Trolling, Lures, Live Bait

Fiji forums: Fishing Fiji - TripAdvisor

If you want to get off the well trodden tourist track that so many here re4commend over & over &over then head down to Kadavu Island and hook up with Adrian Watts @ Matava-all found and more.

If fishing from the beach be advised that some resorts have a No Fishing policy for the area directly around the property and that-and this is important-all land in Fiji is Private.

Every grain of sand belongs to someone you can't just walk onto a likely looking stretch of beach and start casting away-not only might you be trespassing you might be poaching someone's food supply as well.
The thing to do is ask carefully and politely about permission-which is generally freely given except as I've said in the case of some resorts.
You mean a rod/reel for trolling or casting?

Lures-from the beach small Silver spoons and some surface Poppers-fish early/late in the day and whenever it's windy and overcast-bright sunny conditions mean fish don't like leaving their hidey holes and fishing is marginal at best.

You'll do much better hiring a boat to travel to the outside of the reef and then cast back to the outside edge-more and bigger fish lurk.

Lures trolling-Red Head Rapalas/Yozuris or the like actually any bright colour combo in the Red/Yellow/Orange spectrum also Blue/White Yozuri Bonitas.
Trolling feathers in the same colour combos-preferably on wire leaders if you're fishing closer to the reef toothy critters abound and make fishing straight mono leaders very expensive.

Fiji forums: Fishing Fiji - TripAdvisor

NOM029-PESCA-2006 - a terrible regulation

Make a difference!

Shark fishing regulation NOM029-PESCA-2006, combined with the recent "30% incidental bycatch agreement" has created a very serious problem for the ecosystem and the economy of the Sea of Cortez. These rules combine to provide incentives for longliners to enter the near shore waters and capture and sell lucrative sport species. If this measure if fully implemented, the results will be disastrous.

PLEASE, TAKE A MOMENT to send an e-mail note to the distinguished Senator Luis Coppola from Baja California Sur, and selected other Mexican representatives. A click of your mouse will make a difference.

Note: it is very important to personalize this email. Add and delete as you deem appropriate (it's very easy), and please add your name and address to the bottom of the letter.

Distinguished Luis Coppola:

An "incidental by-catch agreement" was recently added to shark fishing regulation NOM029-PESCA-2006. This addition will likely have terrible consequences for the economy of Baja California Sur and for the ecosystems of the Sea of Cortes. I strongly urge you to initiate a review of this agreement to study its probable effects before complete implementation causes irreversible damage.

The "by-catch agreement" sets specific limits on fish captured by commercial operations, but it does nothing to change the methods used, nor does it provide any enforcement. In practice, SAGARPA has found that actual by-catch is around 90% of a commercial operation's take. Usually these fish are ground into fertilizer or otherwise discarded. In the case of the BCS near shore fishery, however, much of the by-catch is sport species, the billfish and dorado that drive much of Baja's tourism economy. The "by-catch agreement" permits and encourages commercial operations to catch and sell their valuable "by-catch", thereby driving local fishermen out of business and destroying the sport fishery. Without serious enforcement measures and changes to fishing techniques, we should expect that longliners working near the BCS shore will take around 90% of our valuable sport species. Furthermore, we should expect the sport fishery to be decimated by these practices.

Please join the voices calling for real study of this terrible regulation before it is too late. Even though fisheries like ours are resilient, eventually they will disappear entirely, as we've seen in innumerable case studies from around the world.

Your comments will be sent first to Sen. Luis Coppola of Baja Calif. Sur. The e-mail will be CC'd to the following officials, who share responsibility managing the resources of the Sea of Cortes:

Antonio Vivanco Casamadrid (Coordinador de asesores del Presidente)
C. Alberto Cardenas Jimenez (Secretario SAGARPA)
C. Gerardo Ruiz Mateos (Secretario de Economia)
C. Rodolfo Elizondo Torres (Secretario de Turismo)

Use this link to send your email: Stop Commercialization of Sport Fish!

20 Oct 2008

Key West Offshore Fishing

Key West Fishing  features excellent offshore fishing grounds which are a guarantee for fantastic and successful fishing excursions.

An abundance of fish such as marlin, sailfish, mahi-mahi, tuna, wahoo, cobia, and king mackerel live in these waters and you can never know what it is that went after your bait in the Atlantic here.

Look for the fish and go after them for the catch of a lifetime. With the right boat and captain, nothing can go wrong during an exciting fishing adventure on the Atlantic Ocean with Key West Fishing .

14 Oct 2008

Peters son Jessie with byecatch wahoo

And this was the BY CATCH!!!!!

11 Oct 2008

Black Marlin - Bite Me Gamefishing Charters - awesome Sailfish, Marlin and Wahoo Fishing in Kadavu, Fiji

Home Fish Species Black Marlin
Black Marlin
airbourne black marlin in FijiKadavu island sees black, blue and striped marlin however the easiest marlin to target are the black marlin that are found close in to the Great Astrolabe barrier reef outer slopes.
Little is known about these blacks but it is speculated that they migrate past Kadavu island on their journey to and from the breeding grounds off Australia's Great Barrier Reef.
Bite Me holds the M-60 Fiji National Record with a fish of 320lbs but much larger fish have been seen by the resort's divers and a probable grander was briefly hooked by anglers aboard Offensive Tackle before throwing the hook. She was estimated to have been over 16 feet in length as she swam under the boat. m-60 black marlin record in Fiji
dancing black marlin in Fiji So far, the best times for black marlin seem to support the Cairns/Lizard Island migration theory with blacks usually seen July to October and January to March however some fish have been seen outside these times so there may be a resident population.
When fishing for black marlin, as with Australia, the bite seems to be in the afternoons and we follow the traditional Cairns methods. dancing black marlin in Fiji
dancing black marlin in Fiji We spend the morning inside the barrier reef catching and rigging bait, move outside the reef at lunch time with large lures and then switch to running two circle hook rigged baits off the outriggers for the afternoon bite.
Black marlin are extraordinary fish that jump like sails but fight like enraged bulls. They always put on a show for the cameras and will astound you as they charge across the ocean in a repeated series of spectaculor jumps. airbourne black marlin in Fiji

Book your Black Marlin Gamefishing Trip Now!

Click here to book your Black Marlin Game Fishing trip to the Fiji Islands today and see what all the pro's are raving about in the fishing magazines about Kadavu, Fiji!!

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Black Marlin - Bite Me Gamefishing Charters - awesome Sailfish, Marlin and Wahoo Fishing in Kadavu, Fiji

AdventureUs.com | GT Popper Casting Package, offered by Matava - Fiji's Premier Eco Adventure Resort

GT Popper Casting Package
Offered by Matava - Fiji's Premier Eco Adventure Resort
Awesome GT Popper Casting Package

7 nights with 5 days Popper Casting
for GT's aboard 'Offensive Tackle'

5 days of popper casting and deepwater jigging aboard 'Offensive Tackle'.

Work monster poppers all morning over pristene barrier reef slopes and miles of inshore coral reef systems from our dedicated popper casting boat 'Offensive Tackle'.

This is a GT hunter's dream fishing holiday.

Lunch at the resort before heading out for another late afternoon bite popper casting session.


* 7 Nights superior accommodation for two (Double or Twin)
* All meals for two
* Kadavu airport – Resort boat transfers
* 5 days of specialist popper casting and deepwater jigging aboard 'Offensive Tackle'

Package for 2 anglers
per person

Valid for any charters after 15th January 2009 and before 31st March 2009


Fiji record GT

AdventureUs.com | GT Popper Casting Package, offered by Matava - Fiji's Premier Eco Adventure Resort

marlin on a spinner on YouTube

Capt john up in Taveuni certainly has some fun!

2 Oct 2008

Kadavu GTs

We recently had a one week special charter to target black marlin and flew in a professional deckie and friend of mine, Glen Gardener to back-up Joeli, my full time deckie. Glen normally deckies aboard 'Bounty Hunter' a 35 Bertram charterboat based out of Sydney, Australia. More on that when I get a chance to sort through recent pictures of leaping marlin....

By way of thanks to Glen for all his hard work we popped out on Bite Me on his last afternoon for a bit of fun with the GTs. I recently added a couple of heavyweight popper casting outfits to Bite Me's tackle inventory and it was the perfect opportunity to Christen them. Whilst I would love to run Daiwa Saltiga Explorers or Shimano Stellas, as a charterboat, we just can't justify the cost of these Ferraris, not to mention the risk of them going overboard. Instead I went for the Daiwa Emblem Pro 5500 on Shimano T Curve GT Special rods and this combo proved to be just the job.

We upped the popper size from our usual MILs and fired out a big Halco Roosta Popper 195 rigged on an 80lb twisted leader to target the bigger fish.

The Shimano GT Special loads up beautifully on a nice GT

One of several GTs finally comes to the boat

Hooks out (we crush the barbs for easy release) and a quick shapshot

Ahhh....A face only a mother could love.
The GTs cute though.

Recent Fish

Its been a rather windy few months but that hasn't stopped us getting out aboard Bite Me and fisnding some nice fish. Thought I would post a couple of recent pics before I write the next gamefishing report.

Jason Ashman, regular BlueWater magazine reader with a Kadavu GT

Plenty of Mahi mahi around at the moment

A cracker bull Mahi mahi for Mary Migge from California

Ken & Vivian Eastwood from NZ found some nice wahoo
Sorry Ken, the ladies always catch the biggest fish...

Ken had some fun with the GTs as well

Nigel from England was sure this must be a World Record....
Sorry mate, just another nice Kadavu wahoo !