8 Jul 2007

Bite Me’s Celebrity Guest of the Month

Who is this weeks mystery guest pictured here earning his keep aboard Bite Me ?

Some clues :-

  • This expert angler hails from down under
  • He talks softly but carries a big pen
  • He doesn’t have a brother called Bart or a sister called Lisa
  • He’s happiest when surrounded by blue water…


Hello Tim Simpson, Editor of Bluewater magazine. Good to see you showing the local boys how a proper deckie earns his keep.

Hope you had fun fishing with us aboard Bite Me.

Rumour has it you took some Fiji National Records on 4kg line class…..


Tim Simpson - Editor: BlueWater magazine said...

I ALWAYS have a ball when fishing with Adrian and staying with the team at Matava. They have a fun operation that is both relaxing and inspirational.
This was my second week-long visit and it will not be my last (unfinished business, Adrian!).
Even when the area's renowned schools of enormous wahoo or sails don't show, there seems to be no shortage of options or opportunities for some excellent light tackle gamefishing. And the scenery is incentive enough on its own.
Thanks for a fabulous trip and I look forward to doing it all again soon. Congratulations on a great operation.