30 Aug 2007

IGFA Anglers Digest Film Crew Visit - The Flying Hoo of Kadavu

Every winter, large packs of big marauding wahoo and Pacific sailfish gather along the Great Astrolabe barrier reef and word of this phenomena reached the ears of presenter Bill Boyce and his IGFA Anglers Digest film crew.

Bill is a world renown biologist, underwater photographer and film maker, rod builder, angler of exceptional skill and down right nice guy. We were delighted to have him and his film crew, Richard Chudy and Dee Peralta visit us at Matava Resort and film some gamefishing shows aboard Bite Me in July this year.

We concentrated mainly on the wahoo and sailfish light tackle action with some enjoyable sidetracks such as filming fly fishing for wahoo with Cam Sigler Jr, going after the IGFA World Record wahoo on 4kg line class and even throwing some poppers at the reef for Giant Trevally.
We even found time to test out the new Pakula Wonderlure as well as try out a pet theory of Bills - circle hooks in skirted lures - but more on that later.

The wahoo put on quite a show for the cameras often leaping 20 feet into the air to pounce on the spread of lures.

Needless to say, the fishing was excellent and the producers declared their biggest problem was squeezing all the action into just two shows !

Bill was fortunate enough to take the Fiji National Record wahoo on 4kg line class though he lost a probable world record fish when the hooks pulled on a monster hoo after a 20 minute fight. Even the cameramen were forced into action with so many wahoo pack mass attacks meaning that just clearing a rod was fraught with danger.

Catch all the leaping wahoo action on the Sportsman's Channel in the USA or Wild TV in Canada.

Coming up on both of these stations during the weeks of 27 August and 3 September 2007 (Two part episode)

Alternatively, the shows or action clips can be downloaded from the IGFA Anglers Digest website after the show has aired.