23 Dec 2007

Any Excuse to catch Fish !

Bite Me recently made her twice annual trip to Suva Harbour for her Fiji Islands Maritime Safety Authority (FIMSA) inspection which of course she passed with flying colours.

On the return trip, skipper Adrian had the pleasure of the company of fellow Resort Director Stuart Gow working the deck and along for the ride, Maurene, owner of Waisalima Beach Resort and her daughter Coral.

No opportunity to fish being passed over, we soon had a couple of rods out and Adrian made a few minor detours past favoured fishing grounds.

First surprise was a nice wahoo on a temperature break off Solo atoll which Stuart handled with a deft touch. Though a newbie at this fishing lark, he oversees the Resort Gamefishing Blog and clearly had been reading up on his homework.

Next up was Maurene and she was duly connected with a nice yellowfin tuna. After a good 30 minutes of hard fighting, it was clear that this yellowfin was no little munchkin and Coral stepped up to the rod to relieve Maurene's tiring arms. Another half hour later and after several searing deep runs, Stuart sank the gaff home and the ladies were delighted when a beautiful 50+lb yellowfin hit the deck.

Dinner at the resort that evening was Yellowfin sashimi starter with seared wahoo cutlets in tomato and chilli sauce. Nice.