16 Jan 2008

"Epic Battle"

Recently, Adrian participated in the longest fight between angler and fish that he had ever experienced. They were fishing 4 kilo line class with Tim Simpson (editor Bluewater Magazine ) on strike and hunting the big wahoo and Pacific sailfish that congregate here every winter.

Tim wrote a feature article about his trip in the latest edition of Bluewater Magazine and the full article can be found at Matava Lightweight Sailfish Battle .

As they neared one of Adrian's favourite sailfish spots, a big fish chased down one of the lures on the surface but failed to hook up. Looked like a big dogtooth tuna so round we went for a second pass. On this pass however, a big sailfish inhaled a lumo white/blue Mouldcraft Wide Range and began the usual spectacular dance across the ocean common to feisty sailfish. At first glance, this sail looked to be dangerously close to World Record size and all hearts were racing as the deck was cleared and we quickly began to charge down the leaping fish. It was about 3.00pm. Lots of time to play with Adrian foolishly thought...

Read full article here: Matava - "Epic Battle"