7 Apr 2008

TBF Launches Conservation Plan with Peru

Yesterday Peru's President Allan Garcia and Minister of Production Rafael Rey finalized a Presidential Order that decommercializes marlins and sailfish - no further commercial harvest or sale will be allowed - and begins a national commitment to ocean conservation and the development of a sustainable sportfishing tourism industry. The plan will allow only catch-and-release recreational fishing and an allowance for world record attempts will be crafted in the near future.

TBF President Ellen Peel and Chief Scientist Russell Nelson met with the Garcia and Rey to observe the signing and make a commitment to continued TBF scientific support for Peru's visionary fisheries conservation and development project. "We are proud to stand with the great country of Peru as the world's eyes look to this extraordinary billfish conservation effort," said Peel. "We will continue to provide support to sustain and expand the impacts of this action."
The completion of the Presidential Order, which has the effect of law, came after two weeks of work and negotiations between Nelson and Peruvian fisheries and marine science staff.

The action is intended to revitalize the once premier blue and black marlin sportfishery in the extremely productive area around Cabo Blanco on Peru's north coast. "Tell the angling world that we are back," said Minister Rey.

Visit the President's web site for details in Spanish: http://www.presidencia.gob.pe/

TBF in Peru
Pictured above: Dave Ferrell (Marlin magazine), President Garcia, Ministers of Production and Tourism Rafael Rey and Mercedes Araoz, and Ellen Peel discuss Peru's exciting billfishing future