10 May 2008

Bite Me High & Dry

Yes, its that time of year again when a game fishing charter boat captain turns into a grease monkey and spends a week splattered in anti-fouling, grease, engine oil and wax polish.
Its not all glamour you know.
Bite Me hauled out on Friday at the Royal Suva Yacht Club and began her annual service as well as her three inspections by FIMSA,the Fiji Islands Maritine Safety Authority. (out of water pre-inspection, out of water post inspection and in water inspection)
Whilst out of water she has been scraped down and new coats of anti-foul applied. Her rudders have been dropped and steering system inspected, props and running gear cleaned and polished, all inlets and outlets cleaned and lower hull waxed and polished.
She goes back in the water tomorrow and then the real work begins.
Her engines will get a thorough going over including turbo's servicing, oil change, raw water impellor change, fuel lines inspection, fresh water cooling system flush, engine valve clearance check and oil,air and fuel filter changes.
The superstructure will be wax polished, the teak cockpit will be cleaned and oiled, the anchor chain cleaned and last but not least, the final in water FIMSA survey by marine inspectors to ensure that all mechanical and electronic equipment works, all necessary safety equipment is carried and if applicable 'in date' such as flares / life raft etc and that the vessel if fit to carry passengers safely for another 6 months befor the next FIMSA survey.
Six months ! Hell it will probably take me that long to get the greasy oil stains out of this Bite Me T shirt. Like I say, its not all glamour being a game fishing boat skipper.....