26 Jun 2008

Stan's The Man

Stan Coverdell from Boulder Colorado got a recent taste of the Kadavu Island Gamefishing action with a day out on Bite Me. With the wahoo and sailfish season just strating to fire up now, we soon had Stan hooked up to a nice Pacific Sailfish of about 80lbs. Stan fought the sail to the boat but just as deckie Joe placed the tag stick in position to implant the Billfish Foundation tag, the hook pulled and the sail gently cruised off into the depths. Not an 'oficial' catch, it was still a bunch of fun and we were all happy to get a close look at such a beautiful billfish and see it swim away.Deckie Joe gets ready for the tag shot
We didn't go home empty handed. Stan soon found the wahoo to be quite a handful and we put two wahoo of about 60lbs each on deck for the resort guest's dinner.

Together with a narrow barred (Spanish) mackerel for sashimi starter, we had all the fish we needed so when Stan hooked up a little baby wahoo of only about 15lbs, we elected to release it unharmed.

Deckie Joe uses a de-hooker to release a small wahoo

Stan declared it was the best days fishing he had ever had. Pleasure to have you aboard Stan and glad you had fun. See you next year !


Anonymous said...

nice blog isnt it?

berto xxx

Fish Whisperer said...

Bula Stuart, have a look at my blog and let me know if you are interested in a link exchange.