16 Jul 2008

Its not the size of the dog in the fight....

If you think that big game fishing is a battle of brute force over monster fish, think again. A bit of technique and a 'can do' attitude goes a long way. When 16 year old Melissa Baxter Mackay and 12 year old Mason Court from Auckland, New Zealand came aboard Bite Me with their fathers Sherriden and Owen for a couple of days fishing, I expected the dads to be handling the big ones. Not a bit of it. Melissa and Mason were the anglers on strike and I was amazed and delighted when Mason stepped up to a screaming Penn International 30, yanked it out of the rod holder, planted the butt in the butt pad and began to fight a 60lb wahoo without the slightest assistance save for some verbal encouragement from dad.15 minutes later after some tough battling by Mason, deckie Joe gaffed the fish and Mason was delighted with his first ever Kadavu wahoo. Pretty damn good if you ask me.

Next day we decided to throw some poppers for GTs and yet again I was amazed as Melissa and Mason stepped up to the gunnels and fought some of the toughest fighting fish found on the reef. Both Mason and Melissa fought and landed GTs in excess of 20kgs as well as a number of good sized bluefin trevally.

Melissa battles a big Giant Trevally

One of several Trevally Melissa fought and landed

Deckie Joe releasing yet another nice GT

Just goes to prove the old saying.

Its not the size of the dog in the fight.....Its the size of the fight in the dog....

Nice GT Mason !


GFG said...

Oh My, The catches are great! huge GT's !!! you live in a lovely place for an angler...
keep the pics coming.. videos would be nice too..


Tekno Boy said...

Yahoo, ya just gotta love the site of a big catch!

Dan Collyer said...

Hey Everyone
I live in Cairns Australia, I have longed to catch one of these GT's but have never had the chance. I will have to be happy for now watching other people catching them.
One that note I found this cool video of some guys in Seisia in cape York. Basically the tip of Aussie for all you not living here!

I hope you like the videos as much as I have!