22 Jun 2009

World Record Hunt - Day 1

Its that time of year again when I take a few days off, join with a couple of friends and have some fun World Record hunting for trophy gamefish on ultra-light tackle. I was once again joined by Tim Simpson, Editor of BlueWater magazine and world renown biologist and photographer Bill Boyce, both of whom are experts in the field of ultra-light gamefishing.
We began the hunt on 4kg (8lb) IGFA Line class tackle trolling small Halco & Bluewater F18 minnows for wahoo and Zacatack skirted lures rigged with Pakula Katana hooks for Pacific sailfish. We also ran coke can & daisy chain teasers for the sails and a big pink Boone teaser down the middle for the wahoo.
It wasn't long before we raised the fist sail. Bill fought this feisty sail for an action packed 15 minutes as we charged around backwards after the leaping billfish. Fortunately for us, the sail stayed on the surface and we were able to pounce on the leader after just 20 minutes.

The Sail comes on board with Bill's 4kg tackle in the foreground

Bill with his new Fiji National Record on 4kg line class

Bill landed the fish using a Shimano TLD5 spooled with Platypus Pre-Test line on a Daiwa Saltiga 24kg jig rod.
The sail earned Bill a new M-04 Fiji National Record weighing in at 31.40 kg.
Not an hour later we raised the next sail. With a record fish already on board this fish was always going to be tagged and released, even if it was bigger (which it was !)
Tim did a superb job as we once again charged Bite Me around backwards at every opportunity to gain back line. When Joe finally took the leader, Bill threw on a mask and some fins, grabbed his camera and was over the side like a shot. We tagged and released the fish as Bills' camera fired of shot after shot. I have had a sneak preview of the photos (they are awsome !) and will post a couple once Bill has sorted through all his pictures from this week. If you can't wait, check out bill's website at www.boyceimage.com
We jumped off yet another sail later in the day but appart from a 70-80lb fish rocketing 20ft into the air right behind the boat, the wahoo were a little shy on day one.
Day 2 however...well, that's a whole different story...