4 Jan 2010

Greenfish - By Anglers - For Fish

Introducing Greenfish - By Anglers | For Fish

We are a group of passionate saltwater and freshwater anglers who promote conservation and are concerned about the sustainability of our fisheries and the future of our sport. We are pro-fishing, but against over killing and we know we are not alone.

While many recreational anglers practice some form of catch and release and promote conservation today, we still feel there is much more action needed. By influencing other groups to conserve, raising awareness about declining fish stocks and bringing more attention to the conservation efforts that the fishing community is involved with, we can make a difference. We at Greenfish believe that fishing and conservation can go hand in hand and the Greenfish brand represents this intersection.

The Greenfish Mission & Pledge to Our Planet

It is our mission to be the premier lifestyle brand which helps improve our marine environments and reduces over-fishing while promoting and protecting the sport of recreational fishing. Greenfish will create the movement and drive a cultural shift to becoming more responsible stewards of our waters and fisheries.

Greenfish - By Anglers - For Fish