12 Feb 2010

Past few days Species

The decidedly unseasonal and rather 'ordinary' weather has led to us picking up all sorts of species as we work inner lagoons, barrier reef passageways and more sheltered drop-offs on the other side of Kadavu Island. Anglers Joseph, Ande and Jonathan from Singapore were unlucky with the weather but made the best of a few bad weather days...

Barracuda on a Popper

Rosy Jobfish on a jig

one of the better GTs on a Popper

Mangrove Jack on a jig

Bigeye Trevally on a jig


Fish Whisperer said...

Nice assortment of fish. Thanks for the fish ID on the Scribbled Snapper. We are having a rash of crap weather, that's for sure.

Pablo (yo) said...

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Pablo from Argentina