12 May 2010

Latest Popping & Jigging Pics

Just before I zoomed off to the main island to haul-out and do my Marine Survey I had Brendan and Justin over from Australia for a few days popping and jigging. Both were new to the popping dark arts but they armed themselves with the right gear and put the effort in to get some nice fish.

Brendan brought one of the new FCL Panic Trout lures and tried it out on a spot we call 'Double Trouble'. On the third cast it got smashed by a very big mackerel. After a brief struggle the mackerel bit through the leader and we thought it and the lure were gone....luckily a minute later up poped the lure....smashed to pieces and with a big Owner Jobu hook snapped.... That was one BIG mackerel.

That's one very Panicked Trout

Justin with a nice GT

A tastey Mackerel on a silver Cubera 150

Brendan's best GT around 30kg

Black trevally on a jig

A chunky green jobfish for Justin

Brendan gets ready to cast at a school of boiling yellowfin tuna

Joe had a cast and took this nice fish on a popper


Patrick Cooper said...

Some great fish!

CyrusD_Ar淑福 said...

量力而為,別勉強了,Cut your coat according to your cloth..............................................