16 Aug 2010

Fiji Gamefishing Report

A little summary from last week's fishing with anglers Hayden & Guy from Australia. We had a bit of a mixture of weather, a couple of nice days and a couple of decidedly 'iffy' days.
The water temperature is still hovering around 25.5 a shade warmer than normal and a warmer water current coming down from the NW over the North Astrolabe Barrier reef has brought plankton rich coloured surface water, not ideal consitions for the wahoo and sails. Compared to the week before, the fishing was quiet with the changing conditions.

We did manage a day jigging on the seamount for dogtooth tuna. Plenty of wahoo around which proved costly on the jigs. Hayden had a nice doggie of over 30kg sharked by several whaler sharks right at the back of the boat which was a bit of a shame. Guy then hooked into a freight train that powered away from the seamount just as the really big dogtooth do. We gave chase but just after 10 minutes the hooks pulled. I estimate this fish was well over 60kg.

Hayden about to see his prized doggie sharked

Heads you win...Tails you lose..

Guy hooks up to one of the really big dogtooth and hangs on for the ride...

A consolation prize. Retrieving our jig from the depths after the hooks pulled did net us a little yellowfin for some nice sashimi for dinner.

We also has some fun taking several wahoo with jigs

The popper casting was unusually quiet, probably because of the coloured surface waters

Amazing what you see on the seamount. Standing there jigging away and up pops a pair of humpback whales just to say hi. We also had a Hammerhead shark investigate us but a little too shy for a decent photo.