4 Sep 2010

Bite Me Takes Fiji Barracuda Record

A Wahoo this week showing beautiful barring

Anglers Graeme and Owen from Australia caught a lucky break with the Fiji winter weather for their week of fishing aboard Bite Me. They made the most of it fishing all the best areas around Kadavu island such as Solo attol and the seamount landing dolphinfish, mackerel, barracuda and a boatload of rocket propelled wahoo, many of which we released.

Joe releases another pack wahoo

Fishing 15kg line class at first, we quickly moved down to 10kg and then 8kg for some great sporting action with the wahoo packs.

Graeme with a nice Wahoo on 8kg

On day 4 Owen was on strike when a ball of spray erupted engulfing a small Williamson skirt on the 10kg line class rod on the long rigger. At first we thought it was a dogtooth tuna but as soon as we got colour we saw the huge gnarley head and gnashing teeth of a Great Barracuda. After a 10 minute fight the fish came aboard and soon we were celebrating a new Fiji National Record (pending FIGFA Line Testing)

Owen's pending 10kg line class Fiji National Record

On Day 5 I sounded out the guys on the possibility of having a go at the IGFA 3kg line class Wahoo World Record. We had the ideal opportunity to give it a go and the guys having worked their way down from 15kg to 8kg were up for it....So the ultra-light gear I had stashed away on Bite Me for just such an occasion came out. The Avet SX reels on Stickfacewrangler rods custom made by Glen Gardener in Sydney and specially rigged, carefully measured Halco Lazer-Pro rigs were put into action...

Joe carefully sets the drag on the Avet SX Reels

Graeme hooks up !

But this fight ends in disappointment when a potential World Record fish is 'sharked' close to the boat. Undaunted we try again....
Graeme again hooks up and a new fight begins. This time we succeed ! The wahoo comes aboard but its clear that this one won't make the grade with the current IGFA World Record standing at 23.13kg
Never the less, an excellent catch on 3kg (6 lb) line class !

Graeme's Wahoo caught on 3kg line

Thanks for the week of light tackle sportfishing guys, I think everybody had a lot of fun !
Next time we will get that World Record....


graeme mckinnell said...

Next time we WILL scare that record
Cheers Graeme