13 Oct 2010

Gt Popping & Jigging Late September Update

Pretty dodgey weather for popping & jigging

Even though we are well out of the normal summer season for GT Popping and deepwater jigging, some hardy folks still brave the winter weather and get stuck in....
The weather gods were not very kind to Wayne, Kerry, Steve, Peter and their expert guide Paul Lennon from Australian tackle store - Got One
Never-the-less the guys (and gal) worked hard and found some nice GTs as well as several species on jigs.

Nice GT for Wayne

Peter had to work hard for this one

Another good GT about to have its photo taken before release

Expert Paul lands a nice Malabar Grouper

River 2 Sea Dumbell scores again...

Green Jobfish on the jig

Peter with a nice Red Bass

Somebody needs an extra Wheatabix for breakfast....
(Photo by Paul Lennon - www.gotone.com.au )