15 Dec 2010

December 2010 Fishing Report Part 2

Anglers Craig and Nick continued their fishing adventures aboard Bite Me starting off day 3 with the medium tackle trolling gear. With a whole variety of species around at the moment we were hedging our bets with marlin lures on 50lb stand-up gear on the riggers and lighter tackle set off the corners trolling Halco Laser Pros for yellowfin and dolphinfish.

First up, a dinner and a nice tastey looking Dolly for Craig

Then the Mold Craft Wide Range on the long rigger got swiped at...and then grabbed, loading up with a mystery fish that didn't jump at first. 30 seconds later we found out what it was when a surprise out of season Pacific Sailfish began leaping about behind the boat.

A little out-classed on 50lb gear Nick soon had the sail boatside for a Tag shot, photos and quick release.

A lovely little Pacific Sailfish around 35kg

A quiet afternoon trolling so we swung into the reef to have a quick popper at the GTs and get limbered up for the next day of full-on GT Popping....