30 Aug 2011

The Wahoo Show for South Australian Angler Magazine

Shane Mensforth, journalist, photographer and Editor of South Australian Angler with mates Kosta, Eric and Jack turned our La Nina affected winter season around and got stuck into some good wahoo fishing. The first few days we struggled with some ordinary weather and quiet offshore fishing but still managed a couple of nice mahi mahi and a few missed wahoo crash tackles.

Eric & Jack with a nice double on Mahi mahi

The weather finally allowed us to one of my favourite wahoo pack spots and sure enough we were soon into some frantic action aboard Bite Me.

A quadruple hook-up, typical of a wahoo pack mass attack

Not monsters but plenty of fun on light tackle
Kosta with a nice Wahoo

Shane meets Wahoo... meets Shark !

Shane would have landed the largest wahoo of the trip if it wasn't for the attention of a couple of as yet unidentified sharks. This head and shoulders alone weighed in at 14kg. We got quite a bit of underwater footage (including those pesky sharks) which the experts are examining. Our new GoPro cameras are getting us some amazing footage..... I will be posting soon....

Not ideal popping weather and the GTs didn't bite but a few judicious casts landed a nice Coral Trout for the dinner table....and Matava Lodge Chef Kuki's special tomato & chilli sauce...