1 Oct 2011

Matava Current Fishing Records

TOTAL Records held as at 1st October 2011
Fifty One (51)

For a great photo spread of the Fiji National Fishing Records caught on Bite Me see here the Records Photo Gallery.


Species Class Record Angler

Pacific Sailfish M-10 60.30 kg Remco Hanibal

Pacific Sailfish M-08 46.60 kg Shane Cole

Pacific Sailfish M-06 34.20 kg Paul

Pacific Sailfish M-04 31.40 kg Bill Boyce

Pacific Sailfish W-10 47.80 kg Lyn Salvidge

Wahoo M-15 44.00 kg Edmund Sturdy

Wahoo M-06 26.00 kg Adrian Watt

Wahoo M-04 31.60 kg Tim Simpson (World Record)

Wahoo M-03 19.40 kg Tim Simpson

Wahoo W-03 21.00 kg Fiona Stallard (World Record)

Wahoo W-04 4.80 kg Diane Woods

Dolphinfish M-04 7.20 kg Tim Simpson

Dolphinfish W-08 7.00 kg Renae Perryman

Dolphinfish W-06 7.80 kg Toni Carlsson

Giant Trevally M-04 10.20kg Adrian Watt

Giant Trevally W-04 7.00 kg Diane Woods

Giant Trevally W-08 9.40kg Magdeline Ko

Bluefin Trevally M-15 5.80 kg Richard Akhtar

Bluefin Trevally M-06 7.20 kg Glen Gardener (All Tackle)

Bluefin Trevally W-15 4.80 kg Jamie Martin

Bluefin Trevally W-10 3.00 kg Teresa Clemmer

Yellowfin Tuna M-04 14.60kg Tim Simpson

Yellowfin Tuna M-03 6.40 kg Paul

Yellowfin Tuna W-15 25.50 kg Anne Oberg

Yellowfin Tuna W-10 20.50 kg Teresa Clemmer

Yellowfin Tuna W-08 6.20 kg Cherie Gardener

Yellowfin Tuna W-06 5.80 kg Cherie Gardener

Yellowfin Tuna W-04 9.40 kg Diane Woods

Mackerel M-04 5.00 kg Shane Warmington

Mackerel W-06 3.20 kg Susan Raebitt

Marlin, Black M-60 103.40 kg Peter Mumford

Great Barracuda M-10 19.20 kg Owen Spalding

Great Barracuda M-04 6.20 kg Tim Simpson

Great Barracuda M-03 9.20 kg Tim Simpson

Rainbow Runner M-15 9.00 kg Michael LeHanie (All Tackle)

Rainbow Runner M-04 3.00 kg Tim Simpson

Kawakawa M-08 4.50 kg Remco Hanibal

Kawakawa M-06 2.80 kg Peter

Kawakawa M-04 3.40 kg Adrian Watt

Kawakawa W-04 4.60 kg Diane Woods

Skipjack Tuna M-04 4.00 kg Tim Simpson

Skipjack Tuna M-03 8.60 kg Glen Gardener

Skipjack Tuna W-06 7.60 kg Toni Carlsson

Dogtooth Tuna M-36 90.60 kg Bill Busch (All Tackle)

Dogtooth Tuna M-06 1.8kg Shane Warmington

Dogtooth Tuna W-15 5.60 kg Mary Alice Migge

TOTAL Fiji National Line Class Records held – Fortysix (46)

TOTAL All-Tackle Fiji National Records Held – Three (3)

TOTAL IGFA World Records held – Two (2)

Matava Records - Bite Me Gamefishing Charters