5 May 2012

New Custom Eyre Rods for Bite Me

Bite Me now carries a new pair of Eyre Wishbone Series 15kg custom rods and we got the chance to try them out on some 20kg yellowfin last week. These rods are built tough for Bite Me but have the superb finishing that comes standard with any Eyre hand built rod.

Needless to say they made short work of a little yellowfin tuna !

They were brought over from Australia by one of my regular clients, Graeme, who like nothing better than to knock off a trophy fish on ultra-light tackle. Last trip he knocked off an 18kg Wahoo on 3kg.
We actually had a quadruple hook-up so whilst Graeme went after the fish on the 3kg Eyre Pirate, Joe and Alex skull-dragged the two yellowfin in on the new Wishbones.

 The weather wasn't kind this trip but when you fish 3kg and fish is a good fish !  This Narrow Barred Mackerel was fun (and technically a Fiji National Record) but we wanted bigger and it did make wonderful Kokoda for dinner !
 One of our Eyre Pirate rods trolling 3kg whils we tried to dodge thunderstorms...