30 Aug 2012

Issue 93 of BlueWater magazine out now – 29th Aug 2012

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Issue 93 of BlueWater magazine out now – 29th Aug 2012

Bluewater Magazine 93FISHING FEATURES

Tony ludovico – a life underwater

Driven by a fierce passion to capture the underwater realm on camera – particularly the large pelagic gamefish we love – Tony Ludovico has travelled the world and spent countless hours submerged. His stunning photography reveals a world hidden to most of us behind the surface veil.

riding the current edge

This issue marks BlueWater’s 15th birthday and there have been many extraordinary changes to our sport during that time.
tackle to tackle bigger fishSubstantial advances in reel and line technology have revolutionised gamefishing over the past 15 years.

Issue 93 of BlueWater magazine out now – 29th Aug 2012 — Gamefishing Fiji - The best of Fiji Fishing:

22 Aug 2012

New Shortbill Spearfish Fiji Record

Fishing report from Rick & Sheila from Australia who recently completed a live-aboard fishing trip aboard Charterboat Ika Levu. He writes;

The trip I just had was an awesome trip fishing from first landing and heading out wide to the inside of the Yasawa Islands. Then East through the Bligh Waters and onto Koro Island. Next we headed for Savusavu for a re supply. We then headed out wide and took a North direction and headed onto Taveuni, then further North to the Ringold Isles. We had a really good trip and will do something similar next year and hope to extend our trip from the 12 days this year to maybe 21 days next year and travel a further a feild.
Over the course we caught some nice Mahi Mahi to 20 kg, Spanish Mackeral to 23 kg, Wahoo to 25 kg,

Some large GT's, some big Rainbow Runner ( 14 kg ), a Blue marlin 130 kg, Short Bill Spearfish 24.8 kg,
Yellow Fin Tuna to 35 kg, the other Tuna Species and also Travelly Species, scad were around, barracuda in numbers, whales were very playful........so all in all we had a wonderful trip.

Its great to hear of successful fun fishing trips from all over Fiji, not just from our Kadavu neck of the woods !