24 Oct 2012

Issue 94 of BlueWater magazine out NOW!

Issue 94 of BlueWater magazine

where even the bad days are sensational!
BlueWater Readers’ Trip to Canada
Editor Tim Simpson led a troupe of Aussie and Yankee anglers to Prince Edward Island where they hooked enormous bluefin tuna in magnificent surrounds. But the trip was not without some unexpected challenges!

australia’s 75 years of organised gamefishing
For 75 years the Game Fishing Association of Australia has provided the organisation and framework to grow our thriving sport and evolve it to become a world leader in sustainable gamefishing. Along the way, Aussies have landed many remarkable captures, as historian John McIntyre recounts.

the longranger
In search of giant yellowfin
Imagine trying to land one of the biggest yellowfin tuna in the world from a stationary boat, amid a bunch of fellow anglers also hooked-up and jostling to follow their tuna around the railing. It’s all part of this long-range adventure.

creatures of the deep
These fish aren’t suckers, they know what they’re doing! Why swim when you can hitch a ride?

a day to remember
A Pink Flamingo for Thanksgiving
A remarkable true story with Capt Ron Hamlin and his weirdest catch.

cairns black marlin hall of fame
Three individuals that made exceptional contributions to the development of the Cairns fishery.

prey species
Predators as prey
It’s a dangerous ocean out there! Even the mightiest predators must run a deadly gauntlet from birth.

lure lore
Part 12: A catalogue of the bizarre
Thinking outside of the box can produce some exceptional lures.

big fish small boats
Hooked-up all year
With the mobility of a trailerboat you can follow the seasons and keep catching fish all year.

classic tomes
Saltwater Game Fishing in New Zealand
A great guide to New Zealand’s history and best fishing spots.

smoke and mirrors
Mold Craft ‘Chubby Chugger’
Its big, its chunky, and it’ll catch you a lot of big fish ... just don’t expect it to look pretty.

a classic reincarnated
O’Brien 34 Custom Express
This custom-built gameboat has been designed with meticulous care by one of Australia’s foremost craftsmen with decades of experience in the gamefishing business.

bluewater tinnies don’t get any better
Vindicator 580
What this plate aluminium pocket-rocket lacks in physical size it more than makes up for in design, craftsmanship and rough-water performance.

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Editorial – Simpson
The Billfish Foundation

2 Oct 2012

Fiji Winter Season Gamefishing Summary

Well we are pretty much done with the 2012 Fiji winter season now. I think it could best be described as um....lets say "Challenging". A second year of continuing La Nina weather patterns reinforced last year's unusual oceanic currents and higher than normal water temperatures. Last year's wahoo season suffered a bit but the double La Nina whammy just killed the normal spectaculor wahoo fishing here.

Peak Wahoo Season but La Nina intervened (again)
 The colder ocean currents that normally run West to North East along the Great Astrolabe Barrier Reef reversed direction and any wahoo that did venture into our unusually warm waters didn't gather into packs but simply moved on....We caught wahoo but the crazy 30-40 wahoo packs just didn't exist.

 A few decent sized solitary Wahoo were landed....


  But most fish were lean around the 20kg weight....Much smaller than normal

 The winter Yellowfin Tuna fishing wasn't to bad though. Occasionally a little patchy, it did produce some decent fish around 40kg aboard Bite Me. That's a decent size for the winter time. (Summer is when we see the really big 70kg+ Yellowfin Tuna)


 We did have some fun with the Ultra-Light tackle Avets & Custom Eyre outfits. Graeme above fought several Wahoo on 3kg line class as we targeted the M-03 IGFA World Record. We got one probable WR boatside but the fish was just a bit too green and made a last ditch run, ripping the leader through Joe's hand and snapping the Double. With so few Wahoo around we just didn't get enough shots to take out the World Record...

The winter Pacific Sailfish season was reasonable but not spectaculor... We did see quite a few large sails around 60kg and surprisingly, a fair few juveniles that couldn't have been more than 15kg !
Generally the sails here average around 40kg but this year seems to have been a year of extremes.

 All in all, a pretty disappointing winter Wahoo season compared to normal years. The good news is that the La Nina conditions are definitely now coming to an end. The general consensus in the scientific community is a possible reversal to an El Nino weather pattern.....In fact there are already signs on El Nino conditions developing in the Eastern Pacific.
The best Wahoo season I have ever experienced here was during the last El Nino event. Next season could well be the best Wahoo season in 10 years....A happy thought to end with.