14 Jul 2014

July Kadavu Update - Variety !

We are now well out of the normal summer GT Popping season and the Trades have started to push in but so far the weather has been reasonably cooperative - So much so that we are still throwing Poppers and seeing some nice GTs.

 Matt from Australia with a very nice looking GT

 Father Warren no slouch with a Popper rod either !

 Fair few Mahi Mahi around

 The big story for the next few months of course will be the winter Wahoo run. With the water temp now hitting 26C the Wahoo are starting to gather along the Great Astrolabe Barrier Reef. We expect a good season this year with Wahoo being caught as early as May and the first few Pacific Sailfish also showing. The Wahoo packs should grow to average 25-30 fish with an average size of around 60lbs.


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