13 Feb 2007

Matava assistance invaluable to Palmfishing Oz

The team at the Matava Resort in Fiji, is invaluable to the development of a quality lure. They are indeed a lucky group and what they call work, we call leisure, (No offence intended). Adrian's knowledge is keenly sought by Palmfishing and Lurestreet, we know how valuable his Field Tests are.Adrian and his team, aboard 'Bite Me' have tested many Lurestreet Lures included our small, but very effective range of Game lures. as well as several lures from our hard plastic range. Such lures as the Raptor 200SS, Raptor 150SS, Deceiver 225, Mother In Law (Popper), Clay's GT Special, (Popper), Classic Wood 230, Classic Wood 230/75, DEEP L Super Popper 160 (Sinking Popper), this is just a few.

Read this full test article by Palmfishing & Outdoors here...


Martin said...

I can't thank the "Bite Me" Skipper and crew enough. The lure game is a tough one, and highly competitive, at palmfishing we have received the very best advice on our lures from one of the best crews available, in one of the frontiers in Gamefishing. Brilliant location, hospitality and fishing to die for.
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