13 Feb 2007

Blue Day for Fiji!

The good ship 'Bite Me' a Deep V 310 owned and operated by the Matava Resort Crew on the beautiful island of Kadavu managed to catch a nice 400lb plus Blue Marlin recently on what could be called a calm day.

The fish is the first Blue Marlin for the year for the resort, a year which we are sure will see many more great Marlin catches for Capt Adrian Watt ( who is also an IGFA accredited skipper and weighmaster ) , his number one deckie Joe and the Deep V 310 'Bite Me'.

See the article on Deep-V Website...


Oscar said...

Ooh, thats a nice one Joey! Well I guess you finished watching all the 24 episodes since you have now got time to go fishing. But I think you should be wearing the monkey t-shirt a bit more often, it brings you luck you know! Me and Lina did go to the cinema in Lautoka, it was a good theatre, but our timing wasn't very good so we had to watch "A good year" with Russel Crowe, not particularly great. But we did manage to get all our sea shells back home, even passed security in LAX. I think I'll bring a live turtle next time, then maybe a white tip...

Take care every body, hope to write you again some time!

/Oscar and Lina