11 Nov 2007

Ecolodge & Green Building Tips - The International Ecotourism Society

As all our clients and many of our visitors to our website know, we are committed to environmental sustainability and our true belief in the principles of eco-tourism. I have just found this great article about Green uling, and just had to share it. Full article here:Ecolodge & Green Building Tips


Ecolodge & Green Building Tips

By Karen Lewis

Karen Lewis, Founder and Operator of Lapa Rios Ecolodge, a successful ecolodge in Costa Rica, shares know-how on building an ecolodge and tips on green building practices and sustainable products.

Introduction - “How do you green a tourism business?”

With input from colleague Glenn Jampol, co-owner of Costa Rica’s Finca Rosa Blanca, I list below those construction principles and products that provided a sustainable foundation for Lapa Rios. The outline only offers directives, as solutions must be tailored to individual sites. Finding specific products and methods will require independent research.

John Lewis and I began the development of Lapa Rios, a 14-bungalow ecolodge located in the Osa Peninsula, in 1990. We designed and built our conservation project using 1990s standards with the assistance of David Andersen, a Minneapolis architect. There was no blueprint for green construction or handbook for finding green products.

Community involvement, locally-found building materials, and time-tested practical solutions to these challenges proved essential to our success. First, we enrolled community members in the on-going preservation of the regions’ rain forest by suggesting and then demonstrating over time that ecological preservation efforts assured their (and our) economic future. Second, we located locally renewable building materials (wood, grasses, leaves) to use in constructing our lodge and we encouraged nearby agriculturalists to become our suppliers.

Full article here:Ecolodge & Green Building Tips