19 Nov 2007

Alex Creagh & Crystal Waters chartered Bite Me

Alex & Crystal chartered Bite Me last week to add some tropical angling adventure to their honeymoon holiday at Matava Resort. Their sights were set on a Pacific Blue Marlin but day one proved that successful marlin fishing requires a dash of lady luck. Though large schools of small skipjack tuna were found, the billfish remained elusive.

Their perseverance paid off however on day two when a nice blue of about 250lbs ignored the bent butt 80s and smashed a brown & orange MBT lure set on a stand-up 50lbs class outfit. The blue roared off on a typical blue marlin furious charge leaping across the ocean as Bite Me charged ahead to stay in touch.

Alex an Ozzie but living with Crystal in Canada, did an exceptional job in the harness and after a fight of about 45 minutes, the blue was tagged, photographed and released.

Video footage courtesy of Crystal Waters (is that a cool name or what ?) to follow shortly.

With the tag in and the hooks out, deckie Joe prepares to swim the blue before release.

Alex takes a well earned breather as deckie Joe swims the marlin and Crystal gets some close in video footage.