9 Feb 2008

The Summer Yellowfin run is in full swing

Its not often that Joeli, 'Bite Me's deckie gets to fight his own fish but sometimes clearing a spread of lures when a guest angler hooks up can have its rewards.

On a recent half day 'Bite Me' charter Joe was clearing a couple of 15kg outfits when one unexpectedly put up some rather robust resistance. After the guest's fish was gaffed, Joe set about coaxing a nice yellowfin tuna out of the depths and onto the resorts dinner menu.

Next day, our PADI Instructor Simon Parry was treated to a go at the yellowfin out in front of the resort. His only previous fishing experience was sitting on a canal bank as a kid catching old boots. He soon got the hang of it after a bit of instruction from the crew and he was pretty damn pleased with the result.

Actually he is still bragging about it to anybody who will listen....

Guests are reminded that Joe's a big lad and its not a good idea to leave your sashimi lying around.


Mike Walleye said...

Nice Blog Adrian, since we share the same passions: fishing and bloggin, I though I should linked back to your blog.

Walleye fishing is far from saltwater fishing but it remains the same sport: fishing!

Nice work,

Mike Walleye