29 Mar 2010

Fiji Big Yellowfin Run Continues

For several months now Fiji Island waters have enjoyed an excellent run of big yellowfin tuna in the 50-70kg range (100-150lb). The numbers of small schooling yellowfin seem a little down on average but that is being more than made up for by numerous fish like these....

Melissa from Coffs Harbour GFC fought this yellowfin for two and a half hours aboard Bite Me on stand-up 50lb gear. This 56kg fish was hooked in the upper mouth with a trolled skirted lure and put up quite a stubborn fight.

A little help needed for a photo shot...

The next day Brandan landed this 65kg fish using 15kg stand-up tackle. This fish swallowed a bibbed minnow hampering its ability to fight so Brandan was able to fight the fish to the boat in about half an hour.

Pretty respectable catch on 15kg (30lb) line !