29 Jan 2011

Early January Gamefishing

Alex, Warren & Tony landed a tripple hook-up on yellowfin

Some pics from early January when Sam and Dave came back for another visit with friends Brendan and Alex. Also along for the trip were Sam's father Tony and Alex's father Warren.
We split the gang up in Bite Me and Tease Me every day with Bite Me focusing more on general trolling and Tease Me popping. Pretty ordinary weather stopped us getting to the seamount but we manages dome decent fish and had plenty of fun.

Some days we met up for lunch and a bit of bragging

Longnose Emperor

Dave with a nice Narrow Barred Mackerel

Malabar Grouper caught jigging the outer reef slopes

Bluefin Trevally

Brendan landed this nice GT on a new prototype Buffalo Stickbait

Joe cruising Tease Me between his favourite GT popper spots

This Halco Haymaker was irrisistible to the big Barracudas