2 Feb 2011

Late January Gamefishing Update

Joe leaders a nice Yellowfin Tuna

Father and son Darren & Josh had a few days gamefishing aboard Bite Me to celebrate Josh's 16th Birthday. We really wanted a nice blue marlin for Josh but the blues didn't want to cooperate. Despite trolling some of the world's best marlin lures around skipjack and yellowfin tuna schools charging around chasing flying fish....no blues.
The tuna were moving too quickly for us to livebait so it was Moldcrafts, Joe Yees, John Laus, Marlin Magics, Black Barts and Pakulas that we used on stand-op 50lb gear and 80lb chair tackle.

Darren with a beautiful Yellowfin Tuna

Joe hoiks in a Mahi Mahi (Dolpninfish)

A trip round the North side of the island found us yellwfin, Mahi mahi and even a missed bite from a Pacific Sailfish but the blues remained elusive.
(They are worse than London busses....Three bites in an hour then nothing for ages....drive you nuts they will )
Josh with a Mahi around 12kg

After a couple of days we turned to some popping and jigging. Weather a bit ordinary and the churned up choppy water not ideal for popping but we found some fish.

Darren loads up one of our Saragosa 18,000s on a GT Special

Josh lands and releases his first ever GT

and his first ever doggie on a jig