18 Mar 2007

Buying a Boat ?

I skipper Matava Resorts big game fishing vessel ‘Bite Me’ however I was also involved in the decision making process of which type of game boat the resort should purchase and from whom. After much research, we commissioned DeepVee Marine to build us a twin engined DV310. In the two years that we have operated ‘Bite Me’ I have yet to see a better, more suitable game boat for the resort’s Gamefishing clients.

I see that this year’s single engine model, the DV310s has been nominated for ‘Boat of the year’

I’m not surprised. If you are considering buying a game boat I recommend you take a look at the DeepVee range.

If you want to talk to an owner who fishes one hard, drop me a line any time.

DeepVee www.deepv.com