18 Mar 2007

Peter Pakula’s Wonderlures

I see from the latest edition of BlueWater Magazine that the world famous angler, lure maker and pioneer of Gamefishing tackle and tactics is turning his skills to designing a new range of (super) lures.

Apparently, (and I don’t doubt it for one minute) these lures will run at any trolling speed, in any position and are designed to set the hook, regardless of what the angler does or does not do.

Moreover, they will be pre-rigged so all you have to do is attach them to your line, throw them in the sea and drive about a bit. Indeed, they will catch fish even at a standstill.

Kind’a takes the fun out of fishing doesn’t it Peter ?

I mean, catch a fish on one of those lures and it’s not much of an achievement is it ? All you have to do is fish in the right place and not do anything too stupid.

The old expression “That’s why it’s called fishing not catching” looks like its heading for obscurity.

Peter’s full article is available at www.bluewatermag.com.au