8 Apr 2007

Inshore Fishing Report – March 2007

For the waters around Kadavu Island- Fiji Islands

Charter Operator – Matava Resort Gamefishing

Boat Names – Offensive Tackle (Inshore)

Average Water Temp – 28.5

Average Sea State – Calm / mild chop

Average Winds – 5-10kts

Water Clarity – Excellent

The Narrow Barred (Spanish) Mackerel are tending to be a bit on the small side at the moment with the average fish being around 15lbs. These are mostly schooling juveniles found inside the Great Astrolabe barrier reef.

The big guys are not really biting and staying deep away from the warm surface water. We know they are there as the divers see them often but always deep. We have picked up the occasional one when deepwater jigging. When the water temp starts to cool a little in May/June the mackerel action should pick up.

On the deepwater jigging and bait fishing side, lots of action there. We are bringing up some very nice deepwater snapper (Opakapaka), emperors to 20lbs and some nice amberjack.

The popper casting for Trevally has been reasonably good but most fish caught have been bigeye Trevally or Bluefin Trevally. One Bluefin Trevally caught recently would have smashed the All-Tackle world record but it was caught on a heavy 80lb class outfit whilst looking for the big GTs. (IGFA Records only go to 15kg for bluefin Trevally)