31 May 2007

We had a really great time!!!

Sent: Monday, April 02, 2007 11:09 PM
Subject: Hello from Shaz and Graz

BULA from Oz !!!
Hi Guys!
Shaz wrote a little note thanking all the staff and I really wanted to send in an email as well.
We had a really great time!!!
Diving: was always enjoyable and the highlight for me had to be Manta reef!! But Cabbage Patch was pretty good too. Joe and I bonded on a different level. Most of the time we were ribbing /stirring each other which made for lots of laughs. I still can't figure out why nobody would sing along with me in the dive shop.....(perhaps Johnny Cash's biggest hit - "burning ring of fire" just didn't make it to Fiji) Morning tea's between dives were a special time when we got to exchange stories...... or just bomb dive Joe when he wasn't looking. Tay had the unenviable task of trying to snatch a snack from the lunch box whenever Joe was distracted by the conversation.

A big thankyou to Adrian for giving me such a good rate on my dives!! Cheers mate! I'll send a couple of a manta pics when I finish editing them. Don't worry I won't send a big file.

Food: Portions were consistently LARGE, variety was good and the kitchen did their very best to accomodate special requests

Service: Attentive with a sense of humour - Maggie always had a humourous quip to help describe the meal/dish.

Accomodation: Our bure had by far the best view!!! I had to take a pic of our view EVERY morning. The climb up the path was worth every step!

Laundry: Rosie did a great job washing/drying clothes in conditions that were not always "sunny".
A highlight for Sharon was meeting such a diverse mix of people from such different backgrounds. All with their own story/outlook on life.

Christina,Larse and Tristan & Veetis may were our favourites. But Neil, the computer geek that spoke like Clint Eastwood. A self confessed Air-Pig, really surprised other divers by almost doubling his air consumption! Stefan and Sandra were an adventerous young couple so far from home.

Tim and Wendy were lots of fun to dive with especially as they were serious about underwater photography. Phil the IT dude whom did not arise until 11am also was good company at the dinner table.
Sunny or rainy, hot or cool the place was really special! By the end of our stay we were both quite sad to be leaving. We both agree that it's the people that can make a place even more special and testimony to that fact was the fact that we both left with heavy hearts having made lots of friends while we were at Matava Resort.
Please say BULA to everyone for us !!!

...and tell Joe I said he's a shockin' boat driver too... (just kiddin)
Graham and Sharon.