16 May 2007

Matava Fishing Report – April 2007

For the waters around Kadavu Island- Fiji Islands

Charter Operator – Matava Resort Gamefishing

Boat Names – Bite Me (Offshore) and Offensive Tackle (Inshore)

Average Water Temp – 29.0

Average Sea State – Calm / mild chop

Average Winds – 5-10kts

Water Clarity – Variable inshore, good offshore


The blue marlin fishing has gone quiet as the surface water temp finally spiked up to 29 degrees during a long calm sunny spell. Quite normal for March / April though I am happy to say that the water is already cooling and is now back down to 28 degrees and falling. Sometimes the water temp in April can go as high as 31 degrees which means a late start to the winter wahoo and sailfish season but this year, like last, the South Pacific is experiencing a La Nina event and the first wahoo and sailfish have started to show.

Though not here in big numbers yet, it’s a good sign for the approaching season.

The Yellowfin are still around with lots of fish around 30lbs close in to the barrier reef. They are being a bit sneaky and coming right into the lagoons feeding on the inside lagoon slopes. Tricky to find them as they are not balling bait on the surface but very rewarding when you do hook up on inshore light tackle.


The Narrow Barred (Spanish) Mackerel are getting more active because of the cooling water with the average size now increasing to about 30lbs. If you find a patch of schooling juveniles there is normally a big guy or two lurking nearby.

On the deepwater jigging and bait fishing side, still lots of action there. This type of fishing is good all year round and unaffected by seasons.

There are quite a few large Great Barracuda around at the moment, particularly in the inner lagoons.

The popper casting for Trevally has been average but will heat up big time in June/July. Divers recently reported seeing a school of huge Bluefin Trevally near one of our dive sites. They were cruising the shallows on top of the reef and were reported to average about 20lbs. That makes them all potential World Records.


Water – Spiked up to 29 degrees but is now 28 degrees and falling.

Pacific Blue Marlin – Gone quiet as they feed deeper in cooler water and roam farther South

Sailfish – First few starting to congregate along the barrier reef

Wahoo - First few now congregating on barrier reef points

Yellowfin Tuna - Here in good numbers but often not surface feeding.

Mackerel – Plenty of small ones inshore, the bigger guys just starting to bite.

Mahi Mahi – Yes, lots to 20lbs about 3 miles offshore.