3 Feb 2009

Fiji World Record Dogtooth Tuna

Anglers Zoheb Razak and Glenn Boatwright got a Christmas present to remember whilst out fishing aboard the beautiful Suva based Bertram 'Golden Eagle'.

Zoheb with his new M-37 Fiji Record

Zoheb landed a 72.2kg dogtooth on 37kg line after a 30 minute fight earning him the new M-37 Fiji National
Record. Not to be outdone, Glenn fought another huge dogtooth on 15kg line, landing the fish after a one hour fight. Weighing in at 67.5kg it is not only the new M-15 Fiji National Record but a potential IGFA World Record.Glenn with his pending world record
Awsome fish guys !

Its no wonder some jigs around here come up looking like they have been hit by a freight train....


Fish Whisperer said...

Congrats to Golden Eagle and the boys. Nice fish.