16 Feb 2009

The Take Marlin off the Menu campaign

The Take Marlin off the Menu campaign is designed to educate people about what billfish are, their role in the ecosystem and their imperiled state from commercial overfishing. The ultimate goal is, through education and political advocacy, to end the commercial harvest, sale and importation of marlin, sailfish and spearfish in the United States.

After all, if you saw lion or tiger for sale in a restaurant or grocery store would you buy it?

Of course not.

Well, it's time we began thinking of billfish the same way.

Meet the International Game Fish Association,
National Coalition for Marine Conservation, and The Billfish Foundation,
the three U.S.-based groups working together in the campaign.

Learn more about marlin, sailfish and spearfish, their role in the ocean and the status of their populations. Be sure to view our species fact sheets.

Marlin and other billfish populations throughout the world are being wiped out by overharvesting. They may also contain harmful levels of mercury.

Learn more about how the campaign plans to achieve the goal
of getting billfish off menus and out of supermarkets.

Find suggestions for chefs, restaurants owners, food shops, seafood wholesalers, consumers and anglers.

See a list of restaurants and seafood retailers who have taken the pledge and agreed to stop serving billfish.

National Coalition for Marine ConservationInternational Game Fish AssociationThe Billfish Foundation



Fish Whisperer said...

I was wondering what you are doing here in Fiji to take marlin off the menu? I see it all the time at MH and always wonder why no one here speaks out. Are tou running a campaign in Fiji? If so let me know and I will join.