16 Feb 2009

How To Protect Endangered Marlin

Marlin, a fish distinguished by a long bill, brilliant colors and sleek body shapes that allow them to swim at extraordinary speeds are disappearing in staggering numbers. Known for their beauty, they are also fished commercially and can be found on menus worldwide. Unfortunately, continued consumer demand for marlin in U.S. restaurants and at seafood retailers is endangering the future of this majestic fish.

Three major marine conservation groups, the International Game Fish Association, the National Coalition for Marine Conservation and the Billfish Foundation have teamed up to draw awareness to the plight of marlin. "Take Marlin Off the Menu," is a campaign urging consumers to stop eating marlin, and restaurants to take marlin and other billfish such as sailfish and spearfish off their menus.

In addition to being endangered, the three marine conservation groups also want to alert consumers and restaurant chefs about the potential health risks of eating marlin meat, which contains higher than normal levels of mercury.

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