5 Mar 2009

My mate Glen was over again recently with his delightful wife Cherie. Cherie was mostly here for the sun, sea, sangria and diving but poped out one day for a bit of fun with the yellowfin tuna.

Cheri makes all the guests happy with some sashimi for dinner

Glen wanted to test out his new Okuma V Series reel on his new Daiwa Monster Mesh rod and the Kadavu GTs were happy to oblige.....So far the reel has stood up to expectations.

Glen was also kind enough to bring my Deckie Joeli a rather nice Christmas present. He hand made Joe a custom Stickfacewrangler GT popper rod. We coupled that with a reel kindly given to Joe from another guest, Dan Ryan and Joe was goo to go after his first big GT.

Joe's first GT with his new Stickfacewrangler custom rod
Course, now Joe's hankering after a Shimano T Curve GT Special and Shimano Stella....
Ther's no pleasing some people !


Fish Whisperer said...

Very nice fish Adrian.
Tight lines