29 Mar 2009

Storm Chasing in Fiji

The weather in Fiji is generally pretty nice all round but what with me being a Storm Chaser at heart, I am always on the look-out for interesting weather. Being out in a gamefishing boat way out at sea I get to see some pretty spectaculour sights.Warning signs - Inflow and rotation
The South Pacific Convergance Zone (SPCZ) sometimes sinks down over Fiji in the summer months (Jan - Apr) leading to hot, humid unstable air and sometimes superb thunderstorms. When the wind blows from the North and this unstable air hits the Kadavu Island peaks, the lee side of the island is the place to be to see wall coulds, scud clouds and sometimes the occasional water spout.

A funnel cloud forms

Close up with adjusted contrast to see the funnel

Time to bug out...


Fish Whisperer said...

Great photos Adrian. Will try to get there soon

hector200 said...

Great Pics mi amigo